Apartments? Apartments? I don’t need no stinking apartments…

..that is right!  No one needs “stinking apartments!”  Here is a contact for someone that owns several apartments all over Condesa and the DF.  He is a good friend of Peter Winckers, Azteca guide in Mexico, and Mr. Basurto owns the Condesa Cafe as well.  His contact info is below:

Armando Prado Basurto      cell 0445536667370

Stay tuned for info n how we met a Scottish man in Centro  🙂  ,  more commentary on the new restaurants that have been posted, and finding yourself amid neighborhoods that you never knew existed!  More this week as we bring finals to a screeching HALT!  🙂    at ASF…

AND – just in case you want to PREVENT stinking apartments,  🙂  , here is some info about cleaning those apartments~

A reliable cleaning lady named Rosa (sorry, can’t remember her last name) and her cell number is: 0445515693246

She gets paid 350 pesos, and well worth it. She is completely trustworthy and always puts in the extra bit.

For 350 pesos she:

cleans apartment (very large apartment with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms)
changes bed linen.
does washing.
hangs out washing/folds washing.
irons clothes.
cooks, eg, enchiladas, soups, ensalta de nopales, other delicious Mexican food.
Rosa does some shopping if I don’t have enough washing liquid, or she needs food to cook.


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2 Responses to Apartments? Apartments? I don’t need no stinking apartments…

  1. Terri Bakken says:

    Please let everyone know that I found a very good mover if they are changing apartments this summer. His name is Emilio Ortiz. The number is 044-55-3983-3151. (Please read to the bottom.) What happened is I contracted a moving company. They were good, friendly, and reasonable, EXCEPT for the driver, who complained a lot and asked for more money at the end for “refrescos,” even though I had already bought them a case of beer. Plus, he didn’t want to take one mattress because he had forgotten about it earlier. (We insisted.) He left his card, and one of the packers, Emilio, replaced it with his when the driver left because he could see we were unhappy at that point. (The loaders apparently contract with various moving companies.) He told us that many people complain about the driver (rightfully so). Everything else was wonderful. So, Emilio was giving us a better option. I totally trust Emilio’s judgment because he was accommodating to everything, never once complained, and seemed like a really good person, as was the other loader/unpacker. Teachers can contact me if they have any other questions.
    Thanks, Terri Bakken

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