“These are the times to remember…”

We look around, and we are in awe, and we ask, how did we get to this POINT?  Yet, every one of us are happy we made the journey together.  Imagine that feeling, and multiply this by ten, and you would get an idea of what it was like to open the package that held our first International Magazine, Repentino.  I was DYING inside, and when it was revealed, I – speechless.  I saw the smiles of so many people, and realized, the bumps and bruises were worth it because the people I was sharing this moment with right now – I would remember for a VERY long time.  VERY.

Imagine a night filled with music, artistry, memoirs to Ray Bradbury, violin to set your mood to relaxation, comedy that made you crack up, odes to memories of castles in England, and you’d have just the tip of a night that affected many at Open Mic night at ASF, June 6th.  Better yet, imagine all those attendees filled with passion and energy taking it all in, and you have a crowd you would go to all ends with – just to be with.  For one night – Repentino/ being released had worked its spell on us, and we can never look back having made a journey of ups, downs, and all arounds.  The sponsors, the staff, the students, the supporters that made Repentino. a success was, well nothing short of a miracle.  However, when I look at the talent of those involved, it was nota miracle at all.

However, the feeling inside this production, made looking back, pretty hard to put it into words.  Listen to Billy Joel’s words, and somewhere in there, you’ll find a bit of us in this year’s issue of Repentino.  How did I get to be surrounded by such a talented group of people?  I am putting my head down, not asking, and just thanking for every day I have with them…    🙂  These students are – well, it’s just a matter of trust and they will surprise you every turn of the way…  🙂   AMAZING  🙂  Can I say it?  Okay…THEY ROCK 🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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