Items for sale – these are the best of the best when you need furniture for an upcoming apartment…

I can tell you when looking for furniture, since these items were bought by ASF teachers, these are the better items you will see compared to when looking for furniture in stores, so if you know you want, let me know, and I can keep at my apartment until new hires come!

Items for Sale–US dollars-2  Sue’s List of awesome items to equip a three bedroom apartment… (Long list here!)

Tons more Items, for sale, from Amanda left and below

Also, at the bottom is a great, GREAT, solid, and VERY not flimsy at all table below:

VERY nice Dupuis table with Marquetry for sale  – chairs not included –

The table is oval and it measures 1.2 x1.6.

PAVEing a Blog

Hola!  🙂   I know, it has been awhile so this next blog will be a huge one!  This specific blog will be added to as I receive information, but so far, these are beginning items that are for sale – as the list grows I will add, so you will want to check this particular positing off and on for added items!  🙂

Here is the first batch!  Let me know via if anything is a need for you!

Sorry – those items all sold!  HOWEVER – we have a ton more and these items being posted on Tuesday, June 5th are items that will save you alot of time if you buy now!  🙂  Soon to be posted!



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    More items that are the best of items to get for apartments before going out to the furniture stores!

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