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to get involved!

Sorry for the delay in the blog, but I am sure your email is grateful!

Events have been pushed fast forwarded and many many exiting things on the horizon!

Since talking to Ms Dixie’s classes and Mr Alaniz, we have started to gain support for writing grant, creating projects,and putting grants into action for several exciting projects! 🙂 If you are curious, and just want to tap into the exciting things students have to offer the world – take a look at :


I am thinking there many good things on the horizon! 🙂

Some ideas and events coming up:

Columbia University trip to New York with the literary Magazine March 13-18th

National Writing Project Spring Meeting March 28-March 30th Washington D.C., then The National Cherry Blossom Festival!

BobAyuda2012 interest form
National Volunteer Week – April 15, 2012 – April 21, 2012

This is exciting, you could participate in this awesome venture on the eve of April 19th, 2012 :

For 30.00 – you get a kit that can be prepared on April 19th and show the world on April 20th you are a part of National Volunteer Week in the United States, and impact this African effort, no matter where you are at!

Choose a local event and contribute to that the week of April 15th- April 21, 2012

If in Seaford, signing up to help reinvest in the Soroptomost Garden. PAVE needs VOLUNTEERS FOR SOROPTOMOIST GARDEN DURING National Volunteer Week, representing students from all over the world!

I think there are so may exciting things that can happen when you give something, eve a portion, of yourself to others – and we are only just beginning. This is what files me to speak to as many people as possible, and empower them to do things they only dream about now. Look at the journey we have made thanks to students that are no at The University of Delaware, Pittsburgh, and locations all over the world…if we can connect these students together, and with their parents, their parents’ friends’, and their friends’ friends’, can you imagine what could occur?

Kony 2012 is such a great example of one initiative that can happen when we reach our friends, their friends, and their friends’ friends….

I always said I felt I am living my life for two people – my father who believed in changing other people’s lives everyday, and a dear friend of mine who thought life was too much for him and decided to take his own, ironic, this is two opposite ends of the spectrum.

If we focus on the people we have in our lives that are still alive, then we have a chance to make a difference for the people we cherished that are no longer here.

I hope, that we make such a noise and change with so may talented students, youth, and adults working towards the same goal – to make their world a better place. I want to do that in education (helping to create an international curriculum that involves community service as a basis of measurement rather than a state test score, if we focus on bettering every single person alongside us, in this country, in that country, in this neighborhood, in that neighborhood, we begin to write grants, we begin to speak out, we being to write, whether in blogs, wiki’s, tweets, glogs, grants, classrooms, business offices, governments, schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices, debate, represent, vote, and change the world around us, isn’t that GREAT legacy to leave behind to that Junior, sophomore, Freshman, sister, brother, relative, friend?

Somehow, I see this is a mission given to me silently from my father, my from my lost friend, as each of you have someone that instills and inspires you to move and change. I owe this to my mother, to my students, to my friends, to my relatives – why? Why is this is responsibility? I always asked this and thought, “Maybe I AM taking on too much”, yet, I took a vow as a teacher when I decided to do this profession to do more than be the representative of pairs of paper stacks that will come back with a grade, but to be a representative of a living, changing, and inputting educator, we all know that is where the action is at – the gallant face of education.

I am excited I started this blog to help others when they make a move, but there is so much more – this along all the other TOOLS I mentioned, is JUST that, a tool, a vehicle. A vehicle that carries the most important item, you. You have the power to change EVERYTHING – I think this is one of the most exciting things there is in life, the possibility!

I feel sometimes I could do, only because there is so much NEED so many places. Nothing will ever stop my urge to want to help everyone, that often is recognized at my strength, as well as my weakness, but the most important asset I have is YOU. Just as in any job, we move forward, we trod on, we make a difference. 🙂

I LOVE this comment posted on our grant writing class:

Well, we are ASF high school junior students who really would like to take this opportunity as a way to grow up and now what real life actually is. We’re very excited about this whole idea and we have been plotting and disccussing our main topics for the project which has a lot to do with enviromental and humanity. Something interesting about us is that we have all participated in some sort of artistic department such as paint, dance, music and so on and we would really like to share those talents along with proving that living a green life is pro-life.

A STUDENT posted that – that is exciting! 🙂

Please join us at:

P2PU Grant Writing

If you’d like to join us!

We’d love to have you!


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