V DAY! :)

Victory, venereal, Valentine’s !  All three I have referred to by friends on this February the 14th! 

This is my take on it:

From Facebook: “Thoughts on Valentine’s Day – I am treating myself to an awesome dinner, an awesome dessert and a film – going to try and make others feel better about not being with anyone – I always feel bad for those that feel like they HAVE to be with someone – I am MUCH happier without the baggage, and alot of people that are single – are MUCH happier! 🙂 Valentine’s Day is about the people you love anyway, and not talking JUST romantic relationships, LOL….”

I still agree!  I look forward to enjoying the silence and peacefulness of a relationship I maintain with some killer students who have managed to support me through many years, and an awesome family, and awesome gathering of friends that do all from help me MOVE, to relocate, to advice, to just put up with my ramblings and complaints, wow. – who needs a significant other when I have significant others!  🙂  

I find out today at ABC Hospital if the tonsils come out…I am still mourning the loss of Whitney Houston…when interviewed by Barbara Walters, she was asked, “What is your worst devil?”  She point blankedly said, “Me.”  Her honesty during that interview was amazing, and she did say, “I haven’t done anything I never wanted to do, I am my best friend and my worst enemy.”  She did not hide behind the shroud of celebrity status, and point blank was honest about her downfalls, as well as her life in general.  I love her when she had so many hits, and her voice could silence a room.  If many of us could show the compassion and honesty she did, everyone would feel loved on Valentine’s Day!

Welcome back Alyssa Casey from CHINA!  YEAH!  Your pictures were amazing and you sounded like you loved the experience.

I am excited for March 13th – 18th when we head for NEW YORK!  WOOO HOOOO!  We get to meet the architect of the New York Memorial as he went to ASF here in Mexico City, and we will interview him, and close the 6 year project we have done with taking students to New York, and wow, I am excited.  This will be an amazing account of the trek we have done over a 6-7 year period.  Oh yeah, we will tour the United Nations’ building, see a broadway show, and put together our lit magazine at Columbia University with some of the BEST students in Mexico, and it is my birthday while there!  Speaking of birthdays, put together something AWESOME for my Mom for hers February 5th, I knows she thought I forgot, I am just late as usual, but when she sees this, it will ROCK!

Let’s see, March 28th is the National Writing Project meeting in Washington D.C, I hope I can go there, and then I run in honor of my Dad’s birthday in the April 01 Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. 10 miles to think of all the gifts he had given me!  I get to see my great PAVE students from Seaford there, my cousins, and pick up my truck, and drive to Mexico to end my Spring Break, I am excited as this will be FUN!  🙂  Another adventure….then…

The Seaford Runa thon is on!  May kicks off the Dr Betts and Vince Morris 5k at Chapel, I am so there and way excited to be going!  🙂  This is dear to my heart just as Vince and Dr Betts and their whole family were, a fitting way to celebrate Mother’s Day and coming back to see my Mom!

Wow, do I dare mention the video that our awesome and adorable, as she herself put it, Mary made for the internet and our ASF school?  Look on Utube under “ASF How to check out a laptop and you will see plenty!  She did a great job!  🙂  

Tyler Meding’s concert for St. Jude’s, talking with Seaford students and helping them with grants, scholarships every night, progressing and getting all A’s in my Mansfield Library/technology course, lagging in my Spanish and I need to pick the slack up there…and wondering…are my tonsils getting yanked?  Ah. Valentine’s Day…just remember, the day was named after St. Valentine, performed marriages when Claudia outlawed marriage thinking all single men made better soldiers.  As his love visited him in jail, jailed for his defiance, he signed his last letter, “From your Valentine.”

Esther Howland began selling the FIRST hand written Valentine’s back in, what, the 1840’s?  No way!  WAAAAAY!   🙂  1 BILLION cards are sent on Valentine’s Day,(2.6 billion on Christmas) with 85 % of them bought by women, if you can believe that…:)  (yes, head nodding)….:

I decided to put no pics, no links today, and say, make sure you make someone else feel the love of Valentine’s Day…:)  Amore!






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