The Future is so Bright….I Have to Wear Shades….:)

As I go through the day, there are myriads of facts I feel I have left out in my blog brain, my blog here. So – ket me try to clear some of those cobwebs out, and answer questions alot of people have!

What is Mexico like?
I think I have covered about 1/3 of that so far in 6 months of being here (HOLY COW, ALREADY), yet some things to note:

The Metro is unbelievably clean – maintenance workers are ALWAYS mopping, peeling gum off the floors, mopping the metro cars, that is awesome and just, well, I didn’t expect that!

The mornings crack me up, EVERYONE is running to work, yet, we all pretty much get to thew same place at the same time due to the number of people around us.

The numbers of people are amazing, I remember walking down Broadway and seeing thousands of people in streams, there is more here, it is simply amazing to be in crowds like that.

Again, food is awesome, in places like anywhere, you have to pick and choose, violence is still a threat as much as say New York, drugs are in the north more than here, but you still need to be on guard as in any large city.

Opportunity, my yes, there are opportunities to take advantage of if someone is willing to be energetic and creative enough.

I added a new page on here for runners, check it out! As well as adding new books to the review page, I will be adding new Educational links to that page.

I am back into running, and have signed up for two races within the next month, as well as The Cherry Blossom 10miler on April 1st. The last time I ran a race for on/near my Dad’s birthday, I won trophy in my age group. I hope to take that pressure and do something good with it!

The list of restaurants is growing, I need to add a section for outside the U.S eventually, but my goal is 100 restaurants within a year, it has been 6 months and been about 30, so not sure that is possible, but we will get close.

Grad school is awesome, I am determined to get all A’s in three courses this semester, and get ready for the Fall. I want to be certified as a Flat Classroom Teacher, Apple Distinguished teacher, and be a member of ALA, NCTE, and a few other organizations that will involve my advocacy for education and technology used in a practical sense to a higher level.

Diet – I have noticed improvement in my running with better diet, yet, my one vice is I have been getting 1-2 tortas every day, and I run better. I am not sure on that connection, my hunger mystifies me. I ran that 3 miler yesterday, and chowed through a whole box of Special K in one sitting, yep, the whole box, not even realizing it. It was a healthy cereal, but the more I run, my appetite gets ravenous. If it helps my performance and allows me to remain thin, all for it, lol.

Looks like 2 saved cats, Dewey and Decimal are doing awesome, will send pics soon, lol.

When am I returning to the states?
Hmmm, I am working the Cherry Blossom Festival over Spring Break, might be traveling to see Fabricia on my way back home to Mexico, she is in Rio. I plan hopefully catching the National Writing Project Spring Meeting in D.C a few days before where I get to meet Congressmen and state representatives, then meet staff at the Cherry Blossom fest before I run in the 10 miler April 1st. After that, I was thinking of returning to DE to participate in the Vince Morris and Dr Bett’s 5k in May 12th to kick off the Seaford Run a Thon! That should let me see what my plans will be for having a place in DE=, maybe, each summer…but working at the boardwalk and doing the beach deal sounds, well, kind of nice! 🙂

Alright, Superbowl day, I am rooting for the Giants, looking forward to the commercials, and look to get 2 weeks ahead in my grad classes today! Thank goodness for Monday off! 🙂

By the way, thanks for being supporters to my blog, anytime you have comments or can add to books you’ve read, running advice, etc, I’d love comments too! Your faithful readingship has made this a success! Thanks so much!


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1 Response to The Future is so Bright….I Have to Wear Shades….:)

  1. Tracy Hanson says:

    Well I think this is were we are odds regarding the Super bowl – being a good New England resident I have to go with the Pats all the way. However, the reality is that I just hope it is a good game – no team runs away with it.
    Did you take bets from the students. What are the odd?

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