Dia “de la Candelaria”

Dia “de la Candelaria

Okay, so this is the deal, on January 6th, kids exchange gifts, the wisemen are celebrated for Christmas. However, on this date, it is tradition to eat the “Rosca de Reyes” – a fruit cake like roll and inside, oh yes, if you are eating this and come across the baby doll, then YOU are responsible for making the tamales to serve on today – Dia “de la Candelaria!” Cool eh! 🙂

I thought this was important to explain 🙂

ALSO – let me say how amazing seeing the Monarch Butterflies was in Almomoloa –

It was a HIKE, but the air was so much cleaner than I felt when running in the Roma area, it was amazing. Thousands, I mean THOUSANDS of butterflies, and you could hear them! 🙂 Amazing! 🙂

I always read about the migration, and it takes three full years of renewal of young butterflies starting the whole migration route back again. It was heartbreaking to see so many n the ground, dying, etc, but made me realize if these are somewhat able to be regenerated, what about all the ecosystems that are NOT? It brings a sense of peace and what needs to be done for the younger generations!

and what the heck, one more?

Afterwards we went to an awesome restaurant, buffet style,Loved the name!

(It is named after three volcanoes here)

AND the KILLER swingset! 🙂 Literally!

then we toured an awesome town! Valle de Bravo!


Let’s see, exciting things on the Horizon, there is a 5k here February 12th, 2012, called the Kardias run, at Kardias.org for a great cause, I am psyched!

Then March 11th – called the Tune Up Condesa Pepsico, 10 miler baby, so these will help me with the 10 miler for The Cherry Blossom Festival! YEAH!

I am talking with a teacher that Skypes with classes in South Africa, who DESPERATELY need computers, so I am hoping I can get more teachers and students involved in the P2PU grant writing project, and maybe we can help them?


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  1. Tracy Hanson says:

    Hello to you all in Mexico City. I am that teacher named in the blog who Skypes with and teaches children in Africa. Right now I am working with 15 children between the ages of 5 and 8 but there are a total of about 125 who will be involved in the next 2 years. They all sit on risers and focus in on the one lap top computer to see their “white” teacher. I do have programs and activities for them to do but it is really impossible with one computer. The children are wonderful and so eager to learn – but then I imagine they are just like you! I hope Mr. Brake has share their pictures with you. I also hope that Mr. Brake and I can come up with a way to bring my programs down to you as well as giving you opportunities to work together. You all live in such an exciting age where anything is possible with the growth of technology.
    I am going to have the African School follow you so that they can read about the butterflies and other things in Mexico and maybe they will post back to you about their life. Perhaps Mr. Brake will even show us how to put up some pictures in the blog! Until your next post, this is Ms. Tracy at K12 Next Generation signing off.

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