“We are Never Broken…”

Every once in awhile you come across a song that stirs you. I couldn’t sleep, and honestly, I think it was just going to bed too early, but the luxury or weekends is you can do that, get up early and sleep in later…Love it.

I came across Jewel’s “Hands” and found an acoustic version of “Hands” by Jewel with Chris Isaak and found how this song came back and impacted her and this just was earth shattering hearing her plan and the reaction she had to her own song in light of 9 -1 -1, you need to see that link:

I like to put everything in retrospect and try to apply that to my own life, it helps me understand myself and my destiny if you will much better.

I heard this song and had talked to some close friends today that were going through a very hard or difficult time. I realized how lucky I was to have those friends and former students, as well as family, to have to keep close despite, whether I am in Mexico or whether I am right in the same town, we all have this one similarity, we at one time did something we each remember, that we did, that made us smile or helped us see the strength in another, then turned that belief back on ourselves and helped us go on.

I also think of the countless trips we made to New York with students that had, maybe some slight nervousness about going to New York, but jumped in and did interviews and interviewed individuals off the street and came back with same pretty amazing results. I never have quite forgotten that and believe it or not, I have saved all those records and cd’s and plan to repackage those interviews and pictures and help each of you remember how cool a thing that was that you did.

I also think of the all things we go through, and how we are still so connected whether it is just a kind word, or a smile, or a chance to cheer someone up or ask them how they are doing with the drop of a button and a computer, amazing the power, and yes, the negativity that technology has.

Yet, with so many positive possibilities, I think this is the best option and challenge, for 2012 – think of just ONE nice thing you can say, mail, email, skype, tweet, text, or call – and do once a week. I think despite all the negative things that occur in one week, if the minimum of one kind act is done a week, then it is enough to have 52 weeks be pretty spectacular. I love the fact that the United States has given me the opportunity to experience an education that has some pretty amazing students come across my path, and be able to maintain some solid friendships with them over a lifetime. They are amazing, as I continue to say and I am excited as they go into the future, yes, there are those that scare me and make me never want to go to certain stores if I knew they worked there, LOL, but for that many, there are a handful that are amazing and can and will change the world.

I always said that if I gathered a handful of my favorite and most qualified, friends, family, and students together, can you imagine the school we could come up with and run? A school that would reach out to individuals every day, and the goals of the school would be to create a spark, that would result in a chain reaction that would benefit the community by the end of every 9 weeks, in every discipline. The school would be assesses bu the number of impacting projects it created and finished that helped the local communities out every 9 weeks, in every discipline! Could you imagine the progress and impact that school of thought would have? 🙂 I know the talents of the students, friends, family, I have in mind, so it is not hard to imagine…:)

If you get a chance, one more small challenge, take one person, one person that you know of that is going through a difficult time, and write down a memory you have of them, here, as a comment, that would encourage them to push on and smile, and remember they have enough strength to keep on making it through anything will come. I am assured your confidence in them will make a difference, even if for 15 minutes, let alone a whole day. Or do this on your own, but just try that. I would love to see this come full circle after a long trip of traveling and have my blog me a source of not just what goes on in Mexico, but what can occur in and among yourselves each day! 🙂 Imagine, all that from a song? If teachers would take that approach with every lesson they taught, and interacted that way every day, wow, we might have school yet we dreamed of!

So here is my first memory – Deanni Sigai – one of the three triplets,
came back across path with an awesome gift, a Christmas card they sent seen in the previous blog. I recall the moments when I was growing into becoming an assistant coach and learning from Coach Morris, Coach Perciful, Coach Doakes. Here came these three TRIPLETS, started out at two, then ended as three, onto the running scene.

Sure, were complaints, yet, they were the very things I wanted to say and that I did not as coach, and when the Sigai’s mentioned them, they well, became a diary yet a challenge for all to keep moving on. Rain, cold, even hot days often faced the runners, and yet, there were the constants. Despite all the crazy whirlwind events occurring in life, they would always show to the start and finish line. Making a statement about how you finish rather than how you started, this three became a spirit that enveloped the team and set the tone for doing your best, setting a face amid grim and sometimes even hurting times, and finishing with pride, and not settling for less. When one of them would be hurting, or one of us, we would always lend an ear, hand, or smile. I am sure each of you know someone just like that.

Who can you recall, that demonstrated a memory that they could use to keep pushing on? Use the comments in this blog to write that, and let the person know they are actually mentioned in a blog, and then when they go here to see what was said, they will see a message that will give them the power to stop, take in what they have done well in the past, and keep moving forward. I think it would be great to see this get the highest number of views and comments in regards to lifting others up! 🙂 🙂

Angel Standing By
– Isn’t it amazing that this song was dedicated at one point to a little girl in Children’s Hospital?


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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24 Responses to “We are Never Broken…”

  1. jim bean says:

    how do you like teaching at asf?

  2. jim bean says:

    What are the hours like? Do you feel safe in Mexico City? Have you done much travelling? Or better safe than sorry?

    • harrybrake says:

      The hours? I help maintain the library, so I interact with the teachers in and out and alot of media, love it! 7:30 – 4:15 usually, alot of Mexican holidays!

      I have walked the streets at night, late, and early, and alone almost always, very safe! I have travelled alot, if you look at the past blogs you will see a lot of the places!

      Border towns and northern areas of Mexico, by Texas border are the ones to be careful of!

  3. jim bean says:

    I am thinking about moving there and have about 750 US to spend on a 1Bedroom. I would love to live in La Condesa, Hipodrama or Colonia Roma. Is that enough for a good place? How much usually are utilities also? Thanks You ..

    • harrybrake says:

      I pay 5000 pesos a month, for a nice apartment in Roma. Your best bet is Roma, ANYTHING outside of Roma, and especially in Condesa, is more expensive. I live 2 blocks out of Condesa, and I enjoy ll that offers without the raised prices. I am unsure of the prices in Hipodrama though, but Roma is awesome I feel?! 🙂
      Utilities you pay like every two months, for me, water and electric combined, about 350 pesos every 2 months….not bad at all, then gas lasts about 2 – 3 months, around 400 pesos to have two tanks filled, and two tanks of gas will last 4-5 months. 🙂

      Hope this helps?!


  4. jim bean says:

    So you are living in a one bedroom apartment by yourself for 370 US a month??? Did the apartment come fully furnished? What are some of the positives and negatives of these apartments? You know those cold Mexican nights… does anyone have an actual heating system?

    Thanks for your help.. waiting your response

    • harrybrake says:

      It is awesome, the apartment….This is the thing, you have to be smart! lol…I had help to think this out before I came – I have a one bedroom, one livingroom, one kitchen, one patio, one bathroom apartment, on top of the building, rooftop apartment, lots of windows, and no, there is no central heating in any places here, you can buy heaters, but I have never needed one. Yes, it gets chilly at night, but I have blankets and actually, the cold here is a mild autumn day in the states! 🙂 Negatives, um, sometimes the shower stream is a little weak, but the hot it HOT, lol…and well, I can;t think of too many negatives, lol…..:) I love the apartment! I can send pictures if you’d like? There are other apartments for much more room with not that being too expensive,….

      • jim bean says:

        Is there a way in which once this process starts to occur you might be able to really help me out? I know someone from ASF assists us but when the process nears I am going to ask you specific questions about distance from certain things I need. ( train, gym, basketball court) I need someone on the ground that will really be able to say Yes to a certain area and no. Your guidance would be greatly greatly appreciated.

        For example: if you know teachers that are leaving and have seen their apartment maybe recommending their place ( tell them not to rid of the stuff in the apartment and save it for meeeeee 🙂 ..)

        The description of your apartment is amazing. Rooftop and a balcony. How I would just love to have a balcony to put some greenery out there…. some pets.. who knows…

        Thanks for your help Harry! Looking forward to meeting you.

  5. jim bean says:

    wow.. how I would love a patio so just sit outside..eating a meal.. with a cat nearby relaxing on a warm summer night… that would be amazing….. sure i would love to see picture..Are you allowed pets? How is the noise level around you? Is there lots of activity? How do you like the nightlife?

    Thanks for helping me.


    • harrybrake says:

      Yes to all of the above, lol….I will send or post some pics tomorrow…:) Noise, yep, not an issue, lots of activity, depending on the time of day or night….nightlife, there is always something to do if you want to! Jazz Monday night, dancing classes Tuesday night, poetry reading Wednesday night, Friday nights we always go to a new restaurant, Spanish classes also Tuesday and Thursday night, lol…always always something happening! 🙂

  6. jim bean says:

    But you do generally feel safe eh? I await your pictures. 🙂

  7. jim bean says:

    Are there gyms near you? How much is the monthly cost? Do you have a basketball court nearby? Anything like this.. like a sports club with a basketball hoop/league?

    That is good that you feel safe.

  8. jim bean says:

    So you do not fear being kidnapped? ransom ..whatsever.. sorry for harping on this but you know the news reports these things.. thanks

    • harrybrake says:

      Lol no worries on the questions…:) That is why I do a blog….Um, it is possible but you take precautions and do not take extra risks, and it works out! 🙂 Lots of reports but there are far more things to do to make sure you are safe…:)

      I am from Rural PA and rural DE and I love it, so…:)

  9. jim bean says:

    have you also done much travel to others parts of central america .. south america? cheap ? expensive?

    thanks for all your help……

    I will repay you with generosity and a MOMENT….. mark these words

    • harrybrake says:

      I haven’t been here long enough I guess to do Central American, but I have a friend in Argentina, and she keeps wanting/hinting to visit, so I will find out soon! I go to Brazil in April, not sure of the costs, I have travelled a decent number of places around Mexic, way out and such, camping, etc, love it and it is VERY reasonable…

  10. jim bean says:

    What happened to the pics mannnnnnnn? 🙂

  11. jim bean says:

    It’s alright.. your a busy guy I am sure…. sooner than later I’ll get to see what you do.

    Yah I know cryptic!


  12. jim bean says:

    Do you do most of your shopping at the supermarket or the open air markets? i.e. vegetables, meats, spices etc. etc. etc etc


    Thanks a lot!!!!

    • harrybrake says:

      I haven’t BUT – I bought s Thermomix machine and will begin to do so next month, I bought fruit before from the market and much bigger, and price vbery comparable to the market, definitely….:) Worth doing for sure!

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