King’s DAY!

Hola! Happy King’s Day! TODAY is the traditional day to give gifts and celebrate Christmas in Mexico! I attached what that means here too, I think this is soooo cool!

I love the idea of the baby being baked into this dough and the person who gets it hosts a party! WAY COOL! Also, the tradition of placing the Kings in the Nativity on January 5th is way cool too!

Check it out here too!
and traditions in Mexico!

Let me share a few pics that show what Christmas is like in Mexico!

Bringing Snow to Mexico and Making SNOWMEN! YEAH!

The snowmen look pretty cool!

The Franz Mayer Museum all decked out for Christmas!

And let us not forget the Zocolo, and trees, and decorations!

At the Zocolo

Snowball fights in action!

Also, my friends in India celebrating Christmas and enjoying India!

There are so many cool things happening! I began tutoring last night for some interesting students, lol They are 7th and 9th grade going into next year, and my goal is to ready them for the 7th and 9th grade. We meet 7 times in January, and created a Wiki for them to use exclusively for their work. The funny thing is the first night, last night, I learned about Snow Patrol, Dave Guetta, and they love Zeppelin, U2, Aerosmith, ACDC, Coldplay. are the students great or what?! AnaPaula is going into 9th grade and Andres is going into 7th, they already have great musical tastes!

I like the tutoring gig, it is fun and pays my rent and I can actually put alot into it via a Wiki to save for future info! 🙂

I plan to finish off my Museum List for the Zocolo today, and then a walking tour I am going to on Saturday – to Iztacalco – I am excited!

This is called A Callejoneada which could be called a “walking serenade”. A group of 8 or more students (these groups are known as “estudiantinas”), sing and stroll around the narrow streets of Barrio Mágico Izacalco. The band sings popular songs and tells the people about the history and legends of Iztacalco.

Here is a more specific bio on the location! Walking Serenade

Overall, things are A-ok and Monday is back to school! AGH! lol…I have done mega amounts around the house preparing for my Master’s classes in the Spring, so that I will have a clear plate for that! 🙂

Look forward to seeing King’s Day through! (I thought it was cool that instead of Santa in the mall here, they had the three wis emen taking children! Awesome awesome awesome! I should have taken a picture!)

I received money (always good) and a great CD from My Mom for Christmas – Andrea Bocelli “My Christmas!” It’s awesome!

I received letters from the Sigai’s! Way Cool!

Triple the Christmas Cheer!

I skyped Daiuske today, he is hard at it studying for exams for NEXT YEAR! 🙂

He will do great! 🙂

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