Everyone Deserves Their Third Space

One of three students that had breakdowns this week, and they found refuge in the safe “third space”, the school library. Parents and teachers need to readvocate for certified librarians and school libraries that do way more than simply check out books. That stereotype is an insult to students and faculty that the school library can support. A great email from one of the young ladies this third space available to them helped. It is not ever about ME, it is always about what the school library can provide for students.

“Hey Mr. Brake thank you for checking on me and I like how you tease me it makes my day feel so much better and put a smile on my face you are my favorite teacher at this school and I feel like the library with you is my safe place there. I’m sorry if I been kinda been in there a lot I just have things going on and I feel most safe in the library with you cause you make me laugh and smile and brighten my day. I had a talk with my mom tonight and we talk about something we never did talk about and I’m pretty shaken on it cause now she confirmed what I thought I remember from my past. So I’m now taking all that in and it’s just a lot for me to process everything going on. So thank you for being patient with me and giving me a safe place. I really do appreciate you in my life.”

if you do not know the status or presence your school library or school librarian has, I urge you to be more inquisitive and more more vocal – and you will see positive things happening that you would not believe, stemming from a school library!

The library as “Third Space” in Your School

Third Space


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