The Only Place for Internment is for Our Ugly Past

Most of yo are familiar with the actor named George Takei from the character as Sulu in Star Trek, and certainly a closer look at his life matches the star Trek them – “To boldly go where no man has gone before” – and it is easy to see George Takei did do that.

“They Called Us Enemy” was one of the most striking graphic novels I had ever picked up – and seeing George Takei revisit Japanese internment and a past that many would never want to have repeated, his ability to take us there was remarkable.

Even more remarkable is the open-minded, optimist views that George Takei has on humankind, all humans, all of mankind, from all backgrounds, all races, all manner of origin. ‘Lost Freedom’ is only one example of this remarkable reaction to the past.

To hear this podcast and realize, reparations are a small, tiny aspect of bringing respect to major missteps of our history’s past, and where we all can improve going into the future – is also remarkable. From television, to Broadway, to congress, to classical music, to publishing, to podcasts – anyone, anywhere can find a position to achieve and use that very position to inform and better our world. If someone that has been hurt and can rise using their position to reach across to all individuals from all races and forgive, move past mad-made institutions that often divide people into political camps and placed them in internment camps, and do so much to bring people together and unite them, such as George Takei, can’t you and I?


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