Compromising Compassion

Hot, as you know, and having to go back into Food Lion TWICE on forgetting an item, I was contemplating going back in….and fought the urge to say no and did anyway.

On the way out I gladly escaped into my vehicle, started up and planned to exit pronto from the heat pushing in on me.

Right before my eyes a woman in her late 20’s or so, one I saw in the grocery store, simply pushed her cart towards a car, and indeed- it did! It hit the neighboring car, parked in a handicap spot – and I just was stunned.

Passers-by looked incredulously (I always wondered when I would be able to use that word) and she simply remained in her vehicle as if – “Too bad, so sad.” Even though I was halfway out of my parking spot, I was stunned – STUNNED- so I did the most logical thing that seemed to do in a situation full of wrong, I defiantly against the heat pulled BACK into the space, exited, into the stifling humidity, walked over with leaving my car running, walked in front of their vehicle to retrieve her cart now against the car in the handicap spot – and walked it back to the store returning it – then hopped backed into my vehicle.

They remained parked there and from the face she made in the back seat as they pulled out, not pleased. I saw the driver of the car the passenger who had the cart that had bumped into the parked car – she was scowling and not happy so, some sort of interchange, I thought, must have occurred when I was returning my “not my cart.”

This left me with a sense of dismal belief in how people view each other, think of each other, and see each other.

What would you have done?


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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