The Emmett Till Memory Project and archives at FSU

I have always been interested in communication and bending, shaping, and renovating communication to purpose that many never thought of.  I felt that was exactly what the Communication Department was doing and was super excited to see the cool, cutting-edge projects that were presented.  That is the odd thing, many people see Communications as a bland, and too general/vague of an area and the faculty that presented what they have been “up to” proved exactly opposite of that.

Dr. Houck presented one of the most interesting projects that I have heard or seen, and I am really interested in finding out more based on the Emmett Till archives  and the questions leading to how he became interested  revealed how engaging this projects has become at Florida State University.

In explaining how FSU research found its way in the Mississippi Delta, toured civil rights sites, one being the Bryant Grocery Meat Market and the shocking yet revealing truth behind Emmett Till’s mother, Mamie Till, forcing the casket to be opened; how she would go on to be a driving force much of what we know today (and to a point what people did not know) – is quite worthy of attention.

The introduction of the Emmett Till Memory Project and a smart phone app that enhances this knowledge is exciting as well as connected to the publication, all show what is possible and nonconventional about presenting communication in a technological-possible period.  This certainly does show the experiential learning that communication can take on,

A huge takeaway from this was realizing that certainly in a time and age during the pandemic so many many individuals have realized, some sooner than later, how vital quality communication among everyone, rather than divisiveness, will let us look into our American past, and learn more about who we a re as a nation, booth when we agree and when we disagree. I am wowed by the power that this project takes on towards that endeavor.

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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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