Communications Department at FSU Communicates “Behind the Scenes” to reality

One would think that would be a lot to take on and take on from the Communication Department but oh no, they were  just getting started J  When introduced to the accomplishments of Dr. Jaejin Lee and how FSU’s Arrowhead Advertising did so well – well, this well  –

one of the top 8 teams advancing to the finals of National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). 

It is pretty exciting to see this happening in the middle of a pandemic, showing how versatile FSU had to be in a pandemic situation where so much had to be flipped virtually, and how Dr. Lee put this into practice as well as how FSU did this as well.  I do remember someone saying how she performed so much “behind the scenes”, which I am sure it true, but the accomplishments the advertising group were able to pull of shows how “behind the scenes” can become a reality. 

The takeaway again is showing how the field of communication can become so transferrable across so many mediums, that of competition, effectiveness, and how to put communication theory into practice.

Just when you thought that might be it – noooo, not even close!  The exciting rollout from Dr, Graves  revealing the documentary on WWII photographer Charlotte Mansfield – takes the whole idea of what communication can do to inform to a higher level!  I felt his statement of liking unknown stories and bring them to light to challenge our ideas about the past – I think that is a mission statement in itself of what the FSU Communication Department has done with these amazing reveals!  In looking at the teaser- ( you know there is going to be some amazing connections to Women’s History Month in March, and realizing that this would be broadcast over the next three years on over 290 public television stations? WHOA FSU Communications Department, you’re on FIRE! 

Being featured at the Jacksonville Film Festival as well – again makes the barriers between what is possible in the classroom and what extends beyond – the true education.  From the needs to raise funds for this project to more, it seems all involved received their career education with just this one project- and is priceless.  Already looking to the next project of The American Soldier – it is exciting how the past can be brought to the future with the right department, the right approach, the right creativity.

When asked in a few words from the Communications Department to sum up the department, all three seemed to capture it, from Dr. Lee’s observation of the department having good vibes, to Dr. Houck’s recognition that all are  pushing boundaries, to Dr. Graves recognizing that all are  providing cutting-edge work and  projects, it is easy to see all of these are  happening in the projects they introduced. 

The biggest takeaway I felt was the largest way you can who what influence you are making in the world is how you model what you are exposed to, and how to inform the world around you.  It seems FSU’s communication department has certainly modeled how communication and reach beyond the barriers the pandemic has laid before us.


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