“Google, who am I?”

Dr Marty!  6:00 – 6:30

Friday, February 5th, iSchool – 6:00 – 6:25 PM School of Information!

Dr Marty lived up to the legend I have heard he is, lol.  The energy, twists, as well as insights to the world we have seen around us certainly helps us understand and cope with the changes we see around us.  Unknown to me previously, the service and program Unroll Me was one of the coolest answers to mitigating the thousands of emails we subscribe, to, willingly and unwillingly, and I am curious to try it.  Aside from I think the name is hysterical and I made the comment I feel like saying this every Friday, lol.  Leading to the central question of Why Google does not charge for the services we use so much from them, and you might have some ideas on that already but the process that lead to that conclusion was a fascinating trip in how technology and the world has developed around us.

Obviously, our information is more valuable than us, which is a sad comment, and I would like to think that perhaps could be changed in the future. The fact that 2.7 billion people logging in at least once a month to Facebook, makes this number larger than any religions being “logged into” is one  of many staggering facts about how social media and technology easily becomes a staple around us.

I liked the point that new technologies on your own aren’t scary and that what is scary is when people do not realize how this changes plays a role in their lives – that is a great great point.  Also, the fact that technology has always involved trading old skills for newer skills, the ability technology has to change what it means to be human, I love that this question should be a mantra for all – What tradeoffs are we making and are they worth it?

I love that Dr. Marty addressed the point that , “No google is not making us stupid” and that the reliance on that technology is changing the world around us – and one of the most important aspects is for us to be alert, aware, and knowledgeable about how it is doing that.

There were MANY takeaways from this, but overall, the theme of being an involved participant in noticing how technology is changing the world, and us as humans, and being able to pick and choose your involvement, as well as being aware and willing to see as a spectator, as well as participant how technology influences and changes our lives?- I am proud to be at a university like FSU that emphasizes this type of knowledge and information and pushes students to be more aware of their role amid what can be often seen as chaos. 


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