June 8 2019- Our Journeys, Our Stories, Our Delaware

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June 8th Program


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Does it take one idea, or even one person to start a fire?  I am not sure, but I do know this.  The art of a community is not narrowed down to just one.  The idea of Repentino. (meaning all of a sudden in Spanish) was a student movement to change perceptions of what art is. It developed as a literary magazine in Mexico City.

Relocating to Greenwood Delaware, at Woodbridge High School, The Riff, a new student magazine, the idea of a festival to bring community together under the umbrella of art, of all types was also a student-led idea worth developing.  June 8th will be about celebrating our obstacles, our achievements, our trials, our accomplishments as one community. Our first year will not be our last thanks to you as a community.

June 8th will be a 5k in the AM, and thanks to Slim Streets Sounds’ generosity, this is going to be a motivated and hype event to support the fight Troy represents for himself and for so many others.   Amity Coffee helping welcome walkers and runners, celebrate what it means to be selfless and a fighter, and supporting such an individual like Troy Haynes.  Proceeds will benefit the Troy Haynes fund and registrants will receive the Troy Haynes Fight Like Four Shirt. logo fight like four This 5k will start and end at Greenwood Public Library parking lot. Some exciting DJ music, announcements, and prizes be part of this 8:00 AM start, preregistration is until June 01, 7:00 AM at Amity is the packet pickup OR at Amity Friday the day before until close. Registration online is also possible HERE

From 11:00 – 4:00, thanks to groups you will find at the bottom of this post, occurring at the VFW Greenwood at 303 Mills Street, Greenwood, DE and the Greenwood Public Library, a host of events for the family will be made available. Crafts seen at the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. for children will be made available at a modest ticket price to the public; board, card, and game tournaments will be happening at the VFW in Greenwood all day, with lots of prizes available.  Activities for families will be made available to the public, from signups for athletic groups, 5k’s and health services, information from local police officers, Jedi training, comicon events, and recycled craft activities to just plain old bouncey houses, we want to show what community means involving churches, schools, healthy activities, and more.  What a great tradition to begin.  

Stage Performances:

11:00 AM WHS Select Ensemble with National Anthem and presentation of the flag thanks to the WHS MCJROTC Colorguard

11:45 The Splash Brothers- Ashon Jackson and Ja’mez Styles Exciting and motivating Upcoming Artists From Delaware

splash brothers 1

Check them out at  Soundcloud: Ybnana-GMN with  even newer  Music Coming Soon!


We are represented at the festival by:

Amity Roasters and Café


PrintWellness Center at Woodbridge High School


Print   Bridgeville Public Library



Bethany Beach Books


bethany1bethany books2

Class of 2020 from Woodbridge selling WHS pop sockets and Fight Like 4 bracelets!


5x2ad colorThe Comic Book Shop




CRAFTS tied to the Baltimore Aquarium!


logo fight like fourDeez Teez


Dolores Beam Art from Greenwood, DE



Gear Up BMX  Gear Up 1
The Summer Bike Challenge sponsored by GearUp promotes bicycle riding for children under the age of twelve by offering prizes to those who record at least ten hours of riding their bike over the course of the summer.


teen Greenwood Public Library

2019 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Greenwood Library


Greenwood VFW


Heart Art 2HeartArt encourages people to make creative kindness items for sharing with people in need. Their coloring cards initiative has already helped more than 4000 people send over 11,000 cards to soldiers, veterans, seniors    in nursing homes and others who need a pick up.  


hungy howies

Hungry Howies


impact logo  Impact Graphic Signs


Jewelry, Etc.


L&W Veteran’s Remembrance Society



saltyartwork.jpg Lynnes Salty Heartwork 

and  video!


Petting ZOO involved with 4H!


Marvel Marvelous Farms Produce

Passion Fruit Juice with real sugarcane! It’s a sweet and tangy and tart combination of one of the tropics favorite fruit passion fruit juice. Full of vitamins… passion fruit juice is a punch a flavor to your taste buds and a refreshing drink for the heat of the summer!



Roaming Raiders .png

Roaming Raiders   The Roaming Raiders are a group of students and teachers committed to learning about the world around us through travel. This year we traveled to Peru and got to see Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, visit a local preschool, and much more. The students were able to learn a lot about the indigenous people of Peru and their rich history. In June 2020 we will continue our adventures traveling to England, France, and Spain. Students are looking forward to seeing Big Ben, walking through the Louvre, and exploring Park Güell. 


Seaford Parks and Recreation  (Tennis and Field Hockey Registration)  

“The Seaford Parks & Recreation booth will be offering sign-ups for their summer clinics, selling wooden breast cancer ribbons, and will have information about trips and events they are hosting throughout the year!”


Slim Street Sounds


Slim Street Sounds 5k and festival Hype!


TACOS and Corn delicacies!


vanderwendesVanderwende’s Ice Cream


Vault 13

Woodbridge FFA


WHSperforming arts.PNG   Woodbridge High School Select Ensemble  

Our Facebook Page   Woodbridge High School Performing Arts Department

Check out our Instagram at Instagram @whs_performingarts


Woodbridge Marine Corps JROTC


Woodbridge PASE 


Please check here the next few days there are even MORE updates.

If you’d like to volunteer for the day, let us know at harry.brake@wsd.k12.de.us

Stay tuned for some exciting updates on the day all for benefiting what we know as community and created by The Riff Literary Art Magazine.



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