New but Familiar Firsts In New York

New York, quite by accident, became the home of Repentino. when it came to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, a place where Repentino. received guidance, direction, and a start.  A start does not come without realization that starts are because of those are willing to sacrifice their time, their energy, and their creativity to make dreams to become a reality for those that from that first day, an idea that today has become a reality. A reality thanks to the encouragement, mind, and creativity of the above beliefs.

In 2019, I found myself for the first time on a trek to New York, for the first time, without physically staffs as we represented a transition and a new beginning in a new location with some amazing ideas and support , building anew.  Yet, the connections still remained in New York. Bessy, the 2017-2018 Editor in Chief from Mexico City would meet me in New York to celebrate the tradition of presenting, accepting, and representing what Repentino. and now becoming The Riff to lead a tradition of creativity, art, and expression.

I have to admit the trek to New Jersey, driving this time and not flying, and finding my way to New York via metro – so totally different than has happened the last seven years and yet, while doing so alone I realized this is a start of what we did over 9 years ago, an idea that sparked a staff that started with single numbers and involved worlds apart.

As I walked from New Jersey to the metro that would connect me to New York, I came out into a metro that I honestly had to check if I was – – where was I?  Coming out of New Jersey via the PATH train, into New York via The World Trade Center Metro,  and it is unlike anything I have ever seen in the 11+ years I have been traveling to New York.  The White ribs, the amazing brilliance of white that hits you coming out of the Path Station from New Jersey.  I felt I had to double, triple check where I was when I first came out.  After realizing I was in the middle of one of the most amazing metros I had ever seen , I recovered, and made my way outside past the World Trade Center Memorial.  Another first.

newyorkmemorialPassing by the World Trade Center Memorial at night is something one cannot possibly describe, but has to experience.  All the names inscribed glow – as well as the sound of water that constantly stirs memory.  To see this Memorial at night, is worth every moment and must be done to appreciate the memory of so much in a whole new way.  Walking past the Firefighter Memorial, Newyork3the interviews we made on the first trip in New York day back in 2011, we had no idea where it would/could lead.  As I found my way to Penn Station, and ultimately to Jazz on the Park, every moment, of the past 10+ years in New York, every sound, every experience, every step forward remained with me. 

NewYorkimage1Hitting the Duke Ellington Gourmet Deli – one of the best corner experiences EVER brought back all that New York can be and is. There is so much under the radar that can bring new meaning.  The fries and hamburger Newyork2 that can be found is so diverse at this deli, and amazing, and open 24 hours, it is just a beginning of what can be obtained in New York.  I felt New York and this 2019 visit would do the same.  Night 1 of New York, 2019, begins the adventure where so much history has occurred up to this point




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