Pittsburgh? Are you a Steeler’s Fan?

Blogging ends up taking on its own life.  Now that is a funny statement. When I started this blog as a means to document, like a diary, a permanent record of myself changing countries and swapping experiences as an individual, I really thought that was all that was going to happen.

What I have come to terms with was, if I was willing to put the time in long enough with blogging, (it has been at least eight years, EIGHT YEARS?!  WHAT?!…) the posting blogs I have found out over the last few is NOT about simply making time to post the post. As strange as this sounds, despite wanting to jump on the blog as soon as possible about an event, that only occurs sometimes.  More often than not, I am realizing the full expression to capture, as closely as possible the meaning of an event is not relying on jumping on the blog as soon after an event occurs, you would think that was the case.


Sometimes literally, I have to walk away, just as the analogy of Archimedes and the Eurkea moment ,

but literally, I often have to go to that blog post when something clicks and has let the events that occurred “marinate” (my new term as of late), and unconsciously something comes out of the blue and says, “Now, write it!”  I would like to think this happens with authors when they start a book and finish it, but it certainly happens when it comes to blogging, when the time is right, it is ready to set it down.  I WANT to write about say, when I travelled to New York for the first time without a class this year and met my former Repentino. (now The Riff) Editor in Chief there BUT, the REASON I haven’t yet is something has not worked itself out yet in my mind or I have not come across an additional connection I want to add to that post yet, all this unconsciously.  Pretty amazing how that works – but I bear witness it does.  Do Bessy!  – the whole experience is still marinating, I promise – but I hope the next post is the start of that amazing journey to New York and the countless gifts I encountered while there (and YES, of course part of that was the Shamrock Shake I did so long without in MEXICO!)

Yet today- a very unexpected event- call it – I am not sure WHAT to call it but –

Last Saturday, as I have done in the past, I comb the powerful site Freecycle for items, that yes, unbelievingly are FREE – a society and network of items that takes care of not wasting what someone else can’t use a totally FREECYCLE it to help others – I LOVE THIS idea.  As I was doing so, I found some items that can enhance the needs of having people stay at my house as guests, so on the road I went.  I spent most of the morning back and forth between Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Milford, and midafternoon, I received a message from someone on Freecycle that really had a great looking couch.  I thought, yes, this will be a great addition for someone and it looks too nice to pass up.

I found myself headed to Millsboro, and meeting someone names Sidney. It was fast, it had to be picked up the same day, and I thought sure, it looks to be worth it.

Little did I know.

I noticed the golf course development I was weaving into was just lined with trees, it truly looked like the scene from The Rainman, in LA and seeing tree after tree, it was beautiful and serene.  I arrive and there is Sidney and his wife warm, welcoming, and just generally great people.   I told him about being out all day finding items for those families that need and can use them, and he asked while I made room in the passenger seat, Are you a Steelers fan?  

When someone asks me that, I forget that I have the large sticker in my window and flash back to the memories I had of being escorted as a tyke to Mr. Rooney’s wife’s funeral, the countless moments at my grandparents in Etna watching the games on black and white television, and just my memories of Pittsburgh growing up. It is hard to put this into words for someone, including the amazing opportunity Slippery Rock University as a student gave me to intern with The Pittsburgh Pirates in 1997 despite so many rocky, tumultuous events that were occurring in the backdrop.

As I was bringing this up- I kid you not, Sidney brought out this framed picture, – and yes these are original aerial pictures before the Stadium was torn down.  I backed up a bit because he was GIVING this to me.  Without even previously knowing what Pittsburgh meant to me.  WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?  Seriously, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

IMG_9678  We laughed at a joke of how he and his wife came to acquire this huge matted collection of Three Rivers Stadium ( I am keeping this between us) and though as I drove away with the Mountaineer packed up again for the day –

What are the chances?






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