Dazzle with DASL

I had mentioned it once before, bit it is amazing to see what your own state has to offer when you allow yourself time to re-examine surroundings you have been around for so long, but – it really makes a difference when you slow yourself down to allow a new perspective.

Take DASL – Delaware Association of School Librarians – you would automatically ASSUME I would be aware of this being a Media Specialist Librarian AND in Delaware, you know what they say about assuming right?  

This particular night, March 26th, the meeting for DASL was held in Middletown’s Appoquinimink Library –  and had many bits of helpful info.

Let’s dig in:

The PrepareDE presentation was VERY informative.

I had no idea this organization existed, let alone searched for licensed, qualified individuals to help in times of disaster AND could provide training for those involved.  It was refreshing to see that librarians were also requested and yet, made sense due to the contacts, organizational networking, and other skills that librarians could in fact bring to a shelter table!  The use of distraction kits for children they discussed, to be created, is amazing, awesome in thinking ahead for preparedness, and after seeing the tragedy occur in Mexico City, this hit home directly.

Volunteering makes sense and is comforting to know such forward thinking is in the works.

When the second presentation regarding UDLIB occurred, I learned ALOT. Even though I relied on UDLIB as a mainstay when I arrived on the job in Delaware, knowing alot of unknowns about this state-funded service:

UDLIB Search can be a link placed on your schoology pages to allow teachers to use the videos, databases, as well as citation, lesson plans, and levels of reading difficulty for EVERY article you find (levels 1-3 at anytime) to be accessed quickly and more efficiently.  I KNOW as a former English teacher for over 13 years, there are unexplored tools there, I could have easily saved HOURS on – even knowing the Common Core Standards that go with specific lesson direction that would have helped focus my lessons TEN FOLD!

The fact that these resources can be made at school AND at home, be presented for student use at elementary to senior project levels, to also allowing UDLIB staff to come and do PD’s on how to manipulate these resources is PRICELESS to help make a year less stressful (as well as creative for the students).

Also being able to create index card graphic organizers for specific papers is crucial, as well as being able to show students how to highlight and send those very notes to their email, Google drive, and even send the article too – this reintroduces a higher level of research for preparing students for a college-style regimen of research.

I presented last and hoped to show individuals the access to a book database we created and be able to swap texts that other schools need for texts we could use in our library as well.  Additionally, giving students a sample of our Raider’s Den


also helped see if we can collaborate with other schools for events that we would like to bring other partners in with.

A take away from this meeting was realizing that the numbers attending are not as powerful as a handful on individuals that are willing to roll up there sleeves and move and shake hypotheticals into action.  I feel libraries and librarians are way overdue to do, just that!





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