What Does the Word Legend and E (from Education) Have in Common?

Phil Livingston. Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.30.46 AM

Period.  A few things you should know.

Never an administrator.   Redefined the role of a substitute.  Proof a government agency officer could be one of the BEST educators.  ever.

What does it take to inspire students?  Stories and reaching across the desk and not remaining behind a desk.  

I was lucky enough to see this in action and still hear stories of this after I was in absence of seeing Phil Livingston in actions.  Except for a famous hot air ballon story.  All you need to do is ask those who were touched by him.  There are hundreds.

In a world caught up in climbing a ladder of status, how to be “top dog” through violence, guns, politics, power – Phil Livingston showed day in, day out, the real power that nothing could top, was an utmost attention given to EDUCATION, and yielding education on an equilibrium to ALL – not to a specific school, not to a specific socio-economic class, but to all.  Instead of climbing a ladder, he provided a ladder for everyone to reach heights that they did not know they could climb.

Concert Master,   awarded the  2015 Friend of Seaford Education Award :

“Mr. Phil Livingston was awarded the 2015 Friend of Seaford Education Award at the November 16, 2015 School Board Meeting. Mr. Livingston actively supports the students and district as a whole throughout our schools and in our community. He can be seen standing along the fence at our home football games and other athletic events, cheering on the team. He is present at most, if not all, of our musical concerts, drama performances and NJROTC events. This year, to showcase our Seaford High School Culinary Program he arranged for the Culinary Program students to provide the pre-show meal for the performers at the Seaford Community Concert. Mr. Livingston, and his wife, have also extended their generosity and sponsored several students in our district when there has been a need. To meet Mr. Livingston, is to have met a caring gentleman who brightens the day for many students and staff and to know someone who is a true friend of Seaford Education. It is with great pleasure that we honor Mr. Phil Livingston as the 2015 Friend of Seaford Education.”

photographer and pilot, sailor and  Commodore of the 220-member yacht club in Blades, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.39.10 AM

a former special agent with the FBI, 

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 10.45.32 AM

firing a cannon to start of Woodland Festival,

and over 10 other aspects he embodied and supported, he lived what education has the power to do every single day.  Motivate, challenge the popular thought in any discussion, express free thought, and do more than be a voice.  Being present in every aspect of everyone’s life – and inspire them to greatness.  What if we had just 10 Phil Livinsgton’s in every school community – would the state change?  Yes.  Would communities change? Yes.  Would we change?  Most definitely.  Look at the hundreds of individuals that have changed already and “made it” thanks to someone that served as a substitute, but could not be replaced – ever/ . Ironic isn’t it?  Please share your stories in the comments below in honor of what you remember Mr. Phil Livingston gave you.

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1 Response to What Does the Word Legend and E (from Education) Have in Common?

  1. Harry Brake says:

    From Katie Hickey –

    I’ve contemplated what to say over the last day about the passing of Mr. Livingston, but here is what I’ve come up with:

    Never Forgotten

    He was a proud supporter of his community and that’s what I hope all of us can carry on for him. Think about it, if just one man can make an impact on so many lives, then what would it be like for a whole community to make an impact? Thank you, Mr. Livingston, for touching so many of our hearts. May your stories never fade 😇

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