Celebrate Happiness

I loved the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.  LOVED.  And here is why:

1- There is no main goal on target for division or divisive motives.  We see that in rhetoric from leaders in our country, to our states, to other countries, from what seems to be our country as of late, it wears on you.  Even the moments where we did see it from our country at times, it was pushed back and what was brought forth was the characters of athletes, celebrating diversity, amid competition.  This is what united is about, and letting flaws in individuals come out, and it is OKAY.  Recognizing defeat, competing without blame, rising about rhetoric that blames, points fingers, acts superior, and propels anger and hate –  finally felt I could escape that and relish the moments of individuals, among each other.  That is what a truer sense of united is.

2- Walking the walk.  ANY POLITICIAN, has a problem walking the walk, but easily can talk the talk. I am more of an action kind of person.  I like how Ashley Wagner puts her struggles before her and shows what it takes to be an athlete, and ‘the harder we fall, the stronger we rise’ has never ben truer than in the U.S.A. with the ‘freedom to move’ sentiment applying not just to Olympics, but with so many issues  – from immigration to school violence, to so much.  So while the politics is nice outside of the Olympics and agreeing to cause cause walls, it is hopeful to know a generation can make a shift to move to better days if we are hear and make the shift to individuals that are ready top uplift our possibilities, and not fall to wasting, blaming, and finger pointing.

Ice 1.png

3- The music struck me at first.  Then the characteristics of beauty, hope, and heroes, joy, miracles, the magic of the Winter Games came through Toyota”s commercial.  I thought, if I could feel the way I feel about our country, at the moment when I was witnessing that breathtaking record of snowboarding, figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating yes, even curling, then anything is possible.  I believe that yes, businesses are making money off commercials, but what if we held businesses to a higher standard and part of that profit making, as forced by lobbyists, helps the environment, protect the environment while promoting HEALTHY businesses that give back to our environment, push for stricter regulations to protect our youth in communities and schools, and do not consider the almighty dollar as the highest God?  What if we looked at each other, and instead of seeing nationality, we saw ways to harness our diversity to bring up our country with more diversity being a part?  We have a responsibility to ban business that puts business before country, before environment, before people.  I loved that the 2018 Winter Games celebrated that.

Ice 2

4- The power of the Olympics to set aside issues that have split countries, and to find a meeting ground so that the feeling of unity is truly an agenda in the meeting places, town halls, Congresses and capital buildings, is real.  Being caught up in the issue of being on one side and others being on another side just simply, goes in circles.  It causes anger, is feeds into nothing being achieved, loss of identity, loss of individuals from all backgrounds that can be a resource to fighting the power of crime for all individuals that take advantage of that split in races, cultures, and politics.  I hope the amazing aspects of the Winter Games, the feeling of saying something you do not mean and being able to come back and correct it without stones being thrown, the general feeling of acceptance spill over into not only the upcoming ParaOlympic Games, but reinforced by the youth that are finding their voices for change, positive change in the upcoming elections, by the senior citizens and middle class that want all individuals to be recognized for making the United States a great country instead of a divided nation, and coming down off the anger podium and standing behind a podium of compromise, change and a breath of fresh air. 

It is truly time to Celebrate Happiness among all races, all nations, all individuals and see that each individual country grows, is protected, as well as their citizens and show what the U in the United States stands for.


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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