The Plan According to Everything, Nothing, and Anything

Once I decided to move ahead with the plan, as heavy as the decision weighed in my heart, my gut, and my head, (as Miranda Lambert sings so well – and how I feel about Mexico!) – the nervousness REALLY set in.  I would wake up shaking – with the thoughts of making my way across the country, into another, with the extended family – and yet there it was – not going away and not being fixed on its own, so I hit the books and make the made decisions under a stressful cloud.

  1. Find an mover that worked, was quality, and that was economical for the items I was needing to send.
  2. Deciding what was needed, what was not
  3. Researching tips on moving animals safely across the border and for such a long distance.
  4. Make a plan for food while I travelled to minimize costs.
  5. Have a schedule each day to close up things here to not leave an empty hole of to do’s (as much as possible).
  6. A place to move to. 

it is amazing how much advice came from individuals in the state that made a HUGE and difficult decision easier.  My cousin Lois Rhoades, Brenda Treherne, Natalie Dorfeld, Andrea Paun, Rachelle Raypush, Danielle Levredge  – they all helped shaped what would be a plan.

Before I get into the details, what DID work on the first try was meeting some amazing new teachers coming it (VERY HARD to know I was heading out as they were coming in) but despite the list of to’s that always remained, the diversion of some amazing new friends helped me push along, while I received the amazing support of long time friends I had made along the way.  (Don’t worry, tons of time to shout out to the long timers who were crucial to me as well 🙂 )

Tiffany Navarro – You were there, and were still in Mexico, and at the drop of a dime, boom!  You came and helped.  Amazing.  Thanks for always lending an objective ear, a cup of tea and your time!

Tamra Fernandez and family were great and it was nice to provide advice to them for assistance along the way – it helped me get perspective and they helped me so much with removing items and having them go somewhere where they were wanted.  One of the best new people hired and full of attention and concern for being the best she can be.  Her family was so inviting, and her being here made SUCH a difference.

Kelly Bowman and Gerard, again, they supported, listened, suggested, an were there in a moment’s notice- and they were new to Mexico too.  The assistance of just simply listening, supporting, etc helped me also move along in a smooth fashion.  This in the early stages moved all forward so quickly, and I am not sure they realized how crucial that was!

Maria Mandolini and discovering a place for her to stay, helped so so much.  Overall, her patience, despite her nervousness in all, and her ability to provide so much assistance as well, fueled a calmness I needed.  Her questions helped me review the positive experiences I had at ASF, and just allowed me to put so much into perspective.

Let’s look at that #1! (Details below and at Services page on my blog at:

I went with the below company, to my door in Felton DE, 33,000 pesos for Mexican side, then the U.S. side was 2500.00 USD, and they come, pack, and unpack when delivered, take care of all border costs – insured – and overall a very accommodating service!  All the others below were too, VERY prompt, fast and willing to work out the best possible route, so another might be perfect for you based on your situation, but 100% no complains of this one below – excellent service and they called all during the packing to check on the service!Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.25.08 AM.png

Video Intro Here


Vincent Etcheverry . Director General

 Logimpex de México S.A. de C.V.    Descartes 54 – Piso 3 – Int 301

Col. Nueva Anzures .   México D.F. 11590 .   Tel / fax : (00 52) (55) 5203 8152 / 54

e-mail :

FB : Logimpex de México

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.28.12 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.08.13 PM         Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 1.08.26 PM


All My Sons Storage and Across the Border Moving

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.34.12 AM.png


Amazing choices for moving, AMAZING, and the best option is having the time to check them all out – which is crucial.  Sometimes, you need to ask this, if there is a truck or service heading in the direction you are going and sometimes you can share that mode of transportation as well, which is best.  Usually once you make your decision, the mode of transportation for moving is decided, then you need to understand usually there is a day of just packing, then another day of moving.  Know ow many cubic meters you are given, pick the best one, but mark that off in your apartment, this gives you a visual, and there are utube videos showing you how many cubic meters something is, it HELPED ME ALOT.

 I realized once I got here, I was able to get some amazing pieces of furniture, despite wanting to bring pieces I bought in Mexico, but it was aokay.  The best movers I found, are found at my Services page for Mexico – they were absolutely GREAT.  I paid for the Mexican side in pesos, then when delivered, in dollars, so roughly in my case 2-3 weeks.  So have a U.S. Date side, or where you are moving – money in the bank when they arrive.  I took the longest amount of time with this to make sure I could get the best and most economical until I was paid, so that was important I had some money to use along the journey, and this decided how much I had moved, packed, etc..

#2  – I took only things I had made you could not sleep in or sit in.  That was a few pieces, but I figured it helped with the cubic meters.  I used every means possible contacting HC, the Facebook sites for ASF teachers, the ASF site, the sites for Open and Free garage Sales on Facebook, and started immediately so I had about 2-3 weeks ahead to change and edit.  Also, I reached out to others moving and let them know what I was selling so they could tell others, and we helped each other.  HUGE HELP.

#3 – There are some amazing sites and Tracy Miller, former CTE and HC guru sent me some powerful, informative papers so I ‘d be ready.  These are found on my blog section for moving and found here too:

Bringing Dogs – 

Bringing CatsScreen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.46.37 AM

Poster Crossing the Border

International Travel with Pet

Pet Friendly Hotels

A GREAT service for planning travel w/pets

#4 – One of the best things I did was shop using my efectivale card, helping me organize the trip length, what food I would need, filling a cooler, and I STILL have items left from it after three days of driving.  This saved a ton of $$ and was crucial to the success of the trip aI thought.

#5 – Amid the . plastering, the painting of the apartment each day, room by room, I also ticked off 12 items I needed to do in the location I was moving to – and doing both seemed to be working towards an end, no matter how much there seemed to be.

All in all, more planning went into it then I felt when I left, but if not, wow, it would have been a disaster, allowing enough to empty out the apartment (mostly) the last night, with packing items into my truck. being able to pack enough to take that I could easily put away within the first few days of arriving without being overwhelming, and organizing the items in my items when I was driving back.

With three cats, even with with huge dog crate, and making a second tier in the crate for two cats, the third crate, as suggested by an amazing vet –

Clínica Veterinaría Pedro Pablo Soto Pérez

Calle de Chiapas 128, Roma Nte., 06700 Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Phone : +52 55 5584 5409
(Let him know you work at ASF, it helps!)
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.39.24 AM

all worked perfectly.  

No crate needed for the dogs, and the vet came to my house one day for the cat I could not extract to the vet.  They helped me print all certificates, give me all meds for the cats to be drowsy (I ended up using NONE OF THEM!) and making sure all shots were up to days, including flea treatment pending the new location.

#6 – I hit every realtor and onsite advertising for rentals in the area, EVERY ONE.  With it being the 4th of July, that helped alot as messages were left EVERYWHERE.  Using Trulia, I found a TON of choices and within three days had a place found (for pets).

The three weeks I had were essential in making all, despite the feeling chaos, DEFINITELY less chaotic in the long run. So with the planning as much as I could allow, what happened the morning of? leading into the trek itself – wow – on its way.





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