Summer of Unexpected Change…

Yes, of course by now, most know that my biggest unexpected change came front and center.  Where did this originate?  How the heck did this all happen?  In a short few weeks following an amazing ASF summer school, a 360 occurred, so let’s take it from there (there will be some awesome posts coming about what 2017’s ASF summer camp entailed, and it was A W E S O M E! )

Every year, for my own information, I always ask to meet with HC, and they graciously, every single year, since I have been at ASF, have sat down with me to crunch numbers, forecast how I am doing in relation to what I will be earning, etc, and this all is basically peace of mind for me in the love I have for Mexico and wanting to remain there in finding an amazing country of open-mindedness and a level in internationalism I never had personally realized on an individual basis.  

I have found myself able to thrive and survive easily in a Mexico I have come to love beyond words, beyond blog posts, and yet I realized I needed to be able to provide the support for family as well, and I did not feel I had that at this point in my life.  This was a hard pill to swallow for sure, and yet, the generosity of those around me in terms of support, confidence-building,  Yet, that ominous feeling remained and there is not much you can do about that – hence, decisions had to be made, where was where this tumultuous change within emerged this summer.  

Within a few days I realized what I thought was going to be my summer was NOT my summer, but that is life and thanks to the first wave of HC support, second wave of colleagues and close friends, and I realized, how rich I had become in friendships thick and thin, and although a new adventure always lies just over the horizon, often we take for granted how luck we are day in and day out.  It was with this realization that the biggest change of my life to occur in a few weeks, would begin to take motion.  After seeing so many roasts and goodbyes occurred at the end of the year, I found myself glad (as much as I could be) this was occurring over the summer – as goodbyes and the whole farewell, is my weakness – so the adventure begins.  Stay tuned for tips, speed marathons of decisions, and the blur of change that led to me arriving in Delaware, this past Friday   (I am still wrapping my mind around all this!)



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    Congrats I hope, for you.I look forward to reading about this change for you, and I hope it is nothing but successful and fulfilling for you.Bob.

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