Personal Shopper will have you”shopping” for answers

Rules.  You have all seen them, and most of the time unconsciously. Film Noir  and Auteurs – Cohen Brothers, Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarentino, Orson Welles, Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Tim Burton, just to name a FEW –

So what is the deal with Olivier Assayas  in Personal Shopper? The deal is all bets are off.  Take what you have come to know, expect and predict and throw it out the window.  Take several frame tales, attention to details that bring social media to the screen, and be ready to be confused, jolted, and taken on  ride that sometimes will lose you.

Does that make this film bad, awful, and off its tracks?  What most people have problems coming to terms with is the sudden bump in the road that ends up leading to construction sites – the unexpected that keeps becoming unfamiliar territory.  Yet, it does the soul good, and in Personal Shopper, a host of taboo and personal areas are breached in order to get the maximum amount of exposure from film to viewer.  

This certainly will not be for everyone, but yet, consumers of movies in the critique and amateur arenas will be thrilled to view a film that shakes many elements up to a high degree.  With such a difficult role, yes, Kristen Stewart marches on bravely through elements that cause many to question everything that is occurring, but Steward is able to deliver and then some. 

As always the world where art and controversy cross – always is interesting and I liked the fact that Hilma af Klint appears only adding to they mystery of what Stewart tries to seek out for herself and all viewers.



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