“A Cure for Wellness” / La cura siniestra – not to be found here.

If you check out the trailer for A Cure for Wellness directed by Gore Verbinski, brings several things to your mind (outside of those on the screen).  Stephen King, The Shining, Alfred Hitchcock, The Grand Budapest Hotel, to name a few.  Truly the music makes this film as well and truly is at your subconscious throughout the film.  The utter eeriness and possibility of what happens to individuals surrounded by the materialistic calling of the world around them comes to life in this film.

When looking at the actors/actresses Dane DeHaan, (A paired Leonardo DiCaprio EASY),  Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth, you get chills at the mere words that eventually “fall” out of their mouths. True, it seems the sheer length of this film could tire you out of the ideas you might see in front of the screen.  However, if you think about it, the futile attempts to escape a world of long hours, tirelessly crunching numbers, and being on that hamster wheel we make called “Life” between work hours overpowering the hours we could be reflecting, contemplating, and enjoying life? – that theme comes back ten-fold every time “Mr.Lockhart” finds a way around the endless mazes of what is known as the 

Amidst the hypothetical gorgeous backdrop of Switzerland, (but it was shot in Germany!) – and at Beelitz-Heilstatten – (you will find this location has its own stories and legends of its own outside of the film)  the scenes alone, as well as the ability to relax through periods of this film, work perfectly against the moments that jar you out of that lulling the film is able to present intermittently.  The backstory is definitely better than the individual concepts presented at times throughout the film.

To top it off, when you watch the trailer in the link I provided at the beginning of this review- you get a sample meditation exercise.  Just to make you well!  Enjoy!


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