Suddenly Sudden…

“Harry!”  I am ready to go!”  Groggily waking up and realizing the plan to stay most of the day – another day of surfing, etc but I realized Randy, who I just met, had had enough and wanted to return to the comforts of modern facilities as well, and I understood/understand that.  We were in the middle of virgin beaches, virgin communities, 100% local and the most amazing beautiful natural elements – and also the basic basic units without big stores, big name companies and resorts and sometimes it is difficult to make that transition for a period of time.  I was finding I needed more of this to dip into who I was in discovering who I was after a rocky up and down history of life events and changes, this place was the most natural thinking tank and sit back and reflect on your life, you could ever want.  

While I was not quite ready to go back, it happened that way, and being jolted out of this world so fast and heading back to Puerto Escondid0 made me look in perspective of how amazing and lucky I was that this all worked out – meeting Chris and Randy and discovering this paradise.

Upon coming back to Puerto Escondido, we ate breakfast and were able to see this huge gathering of policia discussing important matters, and protectors of this group holding the guns around their group, even though we see this alot in Mexico with the emptying of ATM’s and transits between currency exchanges in banks and you see guns being weilded for protection publicly, everyone once in a while it still seems surreal.

Randy showed me his house which was a fortress in Puerto, protected by his own surrounding area and seeing the whole of Puerto Escondido below – it was breathtaking and I was able to see what could be in each of our lives if we wanted it.  The last day in Puerto Escondido was amazing and I loved staying in One Love Hostel.

What I neglected to elaborate on was meeting Victor in Puerto, hearing about his artistic local project working with Puerto Escondido residents, and seeing how we can meet halfway on his project idea with my project ideas – also – meeting Nina again and we all went out to discover the part of Puerto I never explored – la Punta – it is amazing at night, AMAZING.  We descended on the restaurant Lychee, it was surreal.  We spent a long time there and the sand floor, the wood tables, the low lighting, the magic of Puerto, the amazing food, the amazing friends, this all was completely a send off on the last night of Puerto Escondido, and then some, it was magic.  

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-26-46-amThe lighting, the warmth of the night, the feel of being in such an exotic place with new friends, it was completely magic.  For once, on this trip I delved into the unknown SO MANY TIMES, and came back to the surface, with so many new perspectives from so many  newly met people.  I will credit those experiences in the next blog post recapping this whole Thanksgiving Break experience narrowed down to people, but, being screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-8-27-26-amable to combine Chacahua and Puerto Escondido in the same day was pretty amazing, even if I was returning to the last evening at Puerto for the Thanksgiving Break.


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