Chacahua and Thanksgiving Paradise Revisited…

Day 2 of Chacahua over Thanksgiving Break –

img_96094:45 (AM) happens for me at home frequently, and I bury that alarm when it comes to vacation.Sometimes. But fishing, not so much.  Yet, Thanksgiving morning, believe it or not, an exception. And not for Black Friday pre sales believe it or not.

We were up, we had fishing reels, we had gas, we had the boat. Onto the water for fishing, and fished we were going. I always truly dreamed of getting up that early to be on the water, and yet, never happeneimg_9630d. Until Thanksgiving 2016, and overall, yes worth it. As the sun rose and we captured it,
the water from dawn to midday was amazing. With a small catch of img_96822 small fish and not a lot of bites, but a sighting of dolphins, the scenery of the Lagoon all around us, and the feel of the img_9647water – the smell of the ocean, and the warmth of the sun on our backs – this was a great start to a new Thanksgiving experience, one not to forget.img_9711

After trolling through the Lagoon and returning around 11:00 AM, it was close to siesta. We found our hammocks, our designated beach spots, and it was truly Siesta time. The lazy feeling of the sun, the tide, the sand – it’s all you need for a perfect day.   It’s funny, one of the first times since I can remember with truly no connection to internet, to countless emails working on projects, to organizing this organizing that, produced amazing results. Two novels down, taking in our surroundings with amazing photography, taking in new friendships and appreciating gifts that can’t be physically counted brings the actual day of Thanksgiving closer to the reality it was meant to be, and this is outside of the United States. I kept having to pinch myself to realize I was in Mexican waters – as similar aspects at times reminded me of being on the beach along the eastern coast of Delaware – and yet each time I caught the occasional Spanish melody on the air- I realized how southern Mexico I was and how much has occurred in the last five years to draw me in, and I have only seen half of what Mexico has to offer in that time.

img_9765-1Nearing the times where I thought much of the football games, that were on at the time, (somewhere far way it seemed!) and img_9752watching Chris catch a couple waves on the lagoon, we decided it was time for dinner. Thank again to the expertise of Chris and Randy, a fire pit grill was started, rice was initiated, and a full plate steak with rice was ready, we (Chris, Randy, proprietor of the beach cabanas, Antoine) and we sat down and devoured one of the most nontraditional, yet refreshing beach meals to be marked on a Thanksgiving. The combination of the meal, the opportunity to relax, as well as the fellowship of celebrating a day that takes so many things into account – and presents them in such a paradise, how could you possibly top that?

Plans were made to find the supreme surfing spots tomorrow down the coast and end a Friday the way it should be, celebrating the moments that made this week a complete success.

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