Duck, Duck, Duck, Harry? Dog? What is GOING ON?!!!!!


There it was – the perfect day, an afternoon with the canines in the Dog Park at Parque Mexico, and on our way our taking the long way around the newly renovated and cleaned duck water park, and of course my dogs took a special interest, they always do.

As I rounded the corner, it appeared someone was even more excited than my wild and revved up canine family.  There, through the bars of the fencing, was a white small pit bull that had broken from his owner and had leapt towards the water and furiously dogpaddling headed straight for what he would hope to have as a duck dinner.  No kidding.  The ducks seemed to evade the puppy invader for awhile, but it was clear he was not giving up and would be set on grabbing the nearest duck as fast as he could.  So yeah, then there is me.

So I did the most logical thing, I took my shoes, socks, off, dog safely tied up at the fence but eager for THIS experience to unfold, and I entered into the duck pond after the runaway.  There is NOTHING exciting and wonderful, as it seems from behind that fence, of walking through duck water.  Really.  I am super majorly glad they had recently cleaned the bottom, but even with a recent cleaning, add the new smooth bottom liner and the existence of quite alot of duck muck (my word, yep) I almost slipped a few times.  Yet – I was gaining on the puppy.

He rounded around the back of the island where a huge spot of water rose about 14 feet in the air, and I thought, “So, this is what it feels like to be under this thing?”  I saw the puppy make it to the island, barely, slipping on trying to gain a hold on the island.  He actually look relieved to see me, as it seemed he was doing more paddling than he planned on seeing how evasive the ducks were in the water.  Before he had time to think about honing in on any nearby ducks on dry ground I called him he came over and I grabbed him into my arms.

Wading back to the fence line, the funny thing was seeing his legs move as if he were still in the water paddling, even though he was in my arms heading back to sanctuary.  I made it back edge just short of the fence line, and handing to his owner who kept thanking me profusely.  Of course Amaya, Wriggley, and Kinah are leaning high up against the fence, asking, “When is it our turn?!”  I regretfully noticed after I exited the duck area, everyone had me on their videos and cameras – and I was so glad no one I actually KNEW had just seen this unfold.

Of course, on the way back, my shorts were drenched and people (most) associated my dogs with having run in after them somewhere.   If only they knew. Of course when I arrived home, the first thing I did was get a shower, yet the faint smell of duck remained, lol.

It’s funny how you have no idea what the story will tell, yet, there are some parts so well they are easy predict at a glance.  This was a hysterical addition to a week, not actually 3 weeks.  However, the onslaught of last minute testing, ceremonies at every turn, reservations for equipment to name a few tasks added to a week of mayhem to keep on top of it all!  As you know I am STILL working on finishing the experience of the last day in New York as well as a few many amazing experiences that involve witnessing the soon-to-tbe-seniors this next week – so stay tuned  🙂

About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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