Among the Stars

That is exactly what you thought when you entered the hall leading into the auditorium from the Fine Arts Center lobby Friday April 24th – a true transformation. Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 4.59.31 PMLights that led into the back stage, and as I followed this path- I felt the onrush of memories I experiences when we used to participate in Relay for Life back in Seaford, DE. The lights, the perfectness of the moment, all led to a celebration of talent. In that respect, this evening of the Blue Moon would be no different. Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 4.27.38 PM As I made my way to the back stage the set was STUNNING. Lighted bags hung from the ceilings, that set the tone for one of the best lounges/theatres/night clubs you’d ever want to see, with the high tables interspersed throughout the square stage on three sides. The sound and lights that would strobe designs amid the acts was conveniently placed, and until the show started you were stunned, I mean that to the best ability I have ever experienced anything, STUNNED.

At that moment, I experienced something I knew inside all along and was excited to see this truth was eeking out – as a group we discovered where the Tech Club belonged all along, right in our hearts and the realization that they belonged on stage, where they have always been all this time, was VERY satisfying.

The creativity that can be the stage finally took hold this very evening as the whole experience began to take hold of our hearts in a very magical place. Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 5.00.49 PM In the amazing and beautiful acts that began to take place – I realized how lucky I had been up to this moment to experience these amazing talents through so many tears of Open Mic – and having them all collide and complement each other on one stage, not many opportunities or experiences or acts like that will take hold in our memories and yet, this Blue Moon of 2015 I felt would always hold a place in our memories and our hearts that that had many accolades starting with the whole essence and feeling of Blue Moon as you entered the magical theatre thanks again to The Tech Club.

With the true belief in bringing contributions to the stage through her heartfelt singing from Lara, to the exotic and impossible to stop foot tapping of Ximena and Alex De Winter, a heart-stopping place that Lucia would take you with Ricardo, to the touching and personal touch of Caroline, the surprising and yet variety of what Paola, Ana, Patricio, Andrew bringing a dynamic collaboration to everyone present, a low humming of talent that rises to a feverish pitch thanks to Minji, Maria, and Ana, the power of subtle variety thanks to Eva Salazar and Jose Juan, the still-standing beauty of Sonia and Alia that can quiet multitudes, taking in the power of Pau on guitar, Andong on piano, as well as EveryDay of EveryNight, with an amazing rendition of Rosanna – the night was magical. Student Council having the insight to be daring and take on such a change from the past Blue Moons – was exciting and great and have the desired effect on everyone.

Very few times do you get to witness what members from behind the stage can do – and yet – the Tech Club led by Hugo Cabrera shared the power of their presence on the stage, as well as the true gift, of sharing it with everyone on that very stage.  From Paloma, Javier, Jose, Hugo and Carlos that turned what we all know as a stage into the most magical arena of an evening, and doing so with gratitude and humbleness – you take everything above into consideration and you have a Friday Blue Moon that would rival the most memorable Friday nights in existence.

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