MUN, Freshmen, the Advocacy Experience, and a Total Thanksgiving.

The one unique and amazing thing in coming to an international school from a public school, is the activity of Model United Nations (MUN).  Go ahead and think this is just another version of a class performing current events.  (Shaking head) – not even close.  It was astounding the potential there was for actually knowing,researching, becoming familiar, and familiarizing one with the actual world events as they developed beyond simply accessing a current event article, and for those willing to delve into it, and not treat it as a study hall past time, this opportunity was there.

MUN was amazing and a GREAT addition to truly understanding, and being involved, in real world events and simulating them on a debate and real-life simulated experience. However, when I took the opportunity to take an advocacy class, I realized, this would be even more of a surprise this year.  Yes, I had advocacy two years ago when it was called advisory, and although I had my concerns, it ended up going from having the heavy party-crowd enthusiasts to students I love seeing to this day, and we have connected just because well, they are talented, able, and willing to succeed and even those that moved away come back to visit, so I was impressed.

After a year of putting a ton on energy to being something sightly different, I decided I needed a break (not Brake).  Then this school year, when I was asked, I truly pondered wondering, do I need or want to do this again?  What are the chances that I would have a repeat performance with an advocacy that would be just amazing?  The odds were slim.

Whoa.  Whoa whoa whoa, did I underestimate my words and my chances. I certainly since August have been BLOWN AWAY with the amazing talent, energy, and ability of all the Advocates I came into contact with in my specific advocacy.

Take for a minute the word freshmen.  Usually, there is a stereotype with that word alone, freshmen that causes you to automatically put yourself on guard and wonder, hmmm, maybe in three years we will get them to a point where they will hit a maturity level worthy of their stature.  “No way Jose” in this case.  The absolute potential, talent, and demeanor of the 17 students I came across currently, well, I wasn’t ready for the amazing awesomeness I am witnessing and still am reeling.  Setting in place the schedule of checking a planner each week, checking grades, as well as investigating Utube for new and hysterical, as well as motivating, videos, and current events that prepped us for MUN, they hit their stride and even among the misses that sometimes occurred, I had to stand by and wonder, how the HECK did I get so lucky to have such talented freshmen advocates in one room? – I still have no idea but am not questioning that at all – then MUN Country Poster day came.

From the very beginning, the ideas and ability to work together, to take assignments and actually follow through them, as well as agreeing on choosing Egypt as the country of choice, and then all the way up to creating, developing, and completing the MUN poster, even from a distance (at home and such) for those that were leaving early for vacation – they were steller.  I can’t tell you I didn’t have to repeat some assignments or bring this full attention again, however, remember, they had GRADES, PLANNERS, and on top of that, exams and so much more and let me tell you, from hearing the comparison to some, (not all) but some other Advocacies, I was blessed and one of the very top things I was thankful for, were and are these very students, each morning.  They help me get through what often is a hard day because, well it IS morning.  However, some of the best mornings so far have been because of them – and I thoroughly enjoy the Friday breakfasts we have, just because they are absolutely dynamite.

On the actual poster day, when I say they ROCKED the MUN Poster day, I mean they R O C K E D ( well not like the video exactly….)  They sought out information about other countries and were able to make contact and gather info from every one of the 51 other countries, as well as represent Egypt beyond what I thought they would and could do, and looking around I saw some that did not even identify with their country, represent their country, as well as even have a pride about their poster board at all, and this advocacy group had every reason to be –  and they were 100% there.  I looked around and saw posters left behind and thought, this is what this meant to them and yet, this advocacy cared about this whole process and they did an amazing job as their poster showed, and they take pride in the talents they bring to this table, there is nothing better than this group together. Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 8.17.29 AM   Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 8.17.45 AM Take the word freshman and everything you know or knew about this word, throw it out the window when it comes to this group.  They will amaze, thrill, and motivate you every day, and Friday ?  Frozen grapes, awesome cereal, juice, and alot of extra, and sharing it with perhaps whatI consider the best advocacy in one room ? – PRICELESS!

Looking back, I absolutely know I would have had the absolute worst regrets without each and every one of these students, and I can only imagine how amazing they are going to be 1, 2, and even 3 years from now – they are very talented and couldn’t think of another way to know, I was majorly lucky for such an amazing group – Thanksgiving came early on Friday thanks to having each of them as a part.  Despite several leaving early, one being away for medical reasons, together, they are unstoppable and can accomplish anything, and I find myself right in the middle of them. I don’t think there is anywhere better to be 🙂   As I gather my Thanksgiving videos together, and gather my thanks together, and set aside some time to laugh hysterically, ( sorry, I had to do go back to this again…), with the actual historic story of Thanksgiving, I realize no matter WHERE I am, Thanksgiving is THAT much better with an amazing group of individuals such as an Advocacy as this, that leaves you with a feeling that whoa, how much luckier can you get?!  Mr. James Kitchin and the MUN Committee, thanks for giving them a chance to succeed!  🙂


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