“My place is your home!”

IMG_9472Yes, that was the very first phrase from the manager’s greeting on coming to El Laberinto for the premier of David Lida’s book, Las Llaves De La Ciudad un Mosaico De Mexico.  Coming to a great corner of Roma Norte, Durango and Cozumel, (some awesome looking establishments here that need to be checked more closely!) – I went in to see at first a trickling of friends and fans, and then even with 30 minutes into the wait time, the place was swarmed!  How exciting for David Lida! One thing I rediscovered, David is an author that has an aura around him.  Meaning, no, he is not an official saint, yet, in talking or walking with David, you realize that he has the extreme ability to be at ease with most students and adults, due to the versatility of his accounts of the countless faces of Mexico.  Home becomes quite relevant when you talk to Mr. Lida, as his words bring a sense of comfortableness and ease with so many connections to the Mexico around us.  Seeing El Laberinto so full so quickly, especially as a newly established lounge, made this evening even better. IMG_9570Seeing photographers and reporters from all over, representing newspapers such as El Universal just added to the atmosphere that this was something happening, right here, that was noteworthy.  Having Mr. Lida visit ASF last year and having an amazing rapport, conversation, and experience with his writings, you can imagine how much I was looking forward to his introduction to his 1990 text with new writings this evening. I also realized that is the unique thing about art and being a librarian.  There are aspects of research information, and society in places that most people do not see fits with being a librarian, and I often feel it is my duty to explore those areas so others may be informed of how it all fits together.

Additionally, the same applies to art. The art of finding information in places such as performances, readings, photography, events, writing, meeting others, and more – it is an art that is under everyone’s very eyes, and yet, we often miss so much.  If it is through the lens of a camera, through a magazine, through other people that we can share that art, and grow from it, shouldn’t it be exposed and discussed? I recognized many people that would come in and out that night, Mexico City authors, writers, artists, and yes, our own Jason Schell who is featured in sections of David Lida’s text as well as our own ASF students.  I often feel unsocial sometimes, where I just want to observe and not participate in the discussion, only to absorb the feeling of the event, and such was this evening.

As what always happens, everywhere David Lida goes, this feeling of welcome appears, despite the upper class society middle, and even lower, Mr. Lida has the ability to make everyone feel that they can be a part of what he has to observe, relate, and discuss – hence the art beyond his writing comes out easily enough. An evening filled with laughter, serious topics, as well as anecdotal incidents helped represent what he has to bring to Mexico, a landscape of events that show despite the tragedy the we hear and see in the news lately, despite the stereotypes we follow and have about Mexico City from the outside and within, there is a heartbeat of Mexico City worth hearing, noticing, and reflecting about that helps us grow as a person.

Whether you consider David Lida a mediator, a medium, a critic, or a literary tour guide of culture and art of Mexico City, what you do realize is there is a scene exposed that can change you as a person thanks to the time he has taken to notice the beauty, tragedy, and events of life that have occurred around him.  Truly, he has made a home in Mexico and continued to  create a home for those around him.  That is certainly worth seeing and hearing about! We hope to see you December 11th, at 2:45 at ASF when Mr. Lida shares this very ability with each of us – and you too will be able to understand that yes, “Our Home is yours as well!”

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 5.23.22 AMDavid Lida will be at ASF! Born and raised in New York City he has been switching his time between New York and Mexico City, this last considered by him as his home. David is the author of three books; “Travel Advisory: Stories of Mexico” (2000), “Las llaves de la ciudad” (2008) and ” Mexico City, Capital of the 21st Century” (2009) and editor of two more; “¿En qué cabeza cabe?” (2005) and “El gringo a través del espejo” (2006). He also has a 25 year career as a bilingual journalist publishing articles in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Reforma.

Apart from being a writer, David is a mitigation specialist where his main experience has been investigating cases in which Mexican nationals, incarcerated in the U.S., are facing the death penalty. David Lida will be presenting the new edition of his book “Las llaves de la ciudad” on December 11 at the Upper School Library at 2:45. Please enjoy this visit and invite your students to attended David Lida.

Nacido y criado en la ciudad de Nueva York, ha dividido su tiempo entre Nueva York y la Ciudad de México, esta última a la que considera su hogar. David es autor de tres libros; “Travel Advisory: Stories of Mexico” (2000), “Las llaves de la ciudad” (2008) y ” Mexico City, Capital of the 21st Century” (2009) y editor de dos más; “¿En qué cabeza cabe?” (2005) and “El gringo a través del espejo” (2006). Cuenta con una carrera de 25 años como periodista bilingüe por la que ha publicado en medios como The New York Times, Los Angeles Times y Reforma. Además de ser escritor, David es especialista en mitigación particularmente en casos donde Mexicanos radicados en Estados Unidos han sido condenados a la pena de muerte. David Lida estará presentando la nueva edición de su libro “Las llaves de la ciudad” el próximo 11 de diciembre en la biblioteca de preparatoria a las 2:45. Por favor disfruten de esta oportunidad e inviten a sus alumnos.

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  1. cynthia says:

    Hi Blake,

    Can I go to the event on the 11th? I didn’t know about David’s new book and would love to get a copy and hear him read it. Please let me know.


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    “Por una vida mas sana y larga”

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