Another Day and proud for many, many, many…

…you can put alot of words in there, but wow – Let’s talk SIXTEEN saves in a World Cup game, and while the United States was a heartbreak of a game- we can be proud to be represented by an amazing team, and maybe one of the best games  so far…Green and Howard perhaps the best I have seen in the game this series, one for the energy he rallied a whole team, and the other, well the same and a record number of saves – I am in love with this sport I am not afraid to say…

OHMYGOSH! Blended!   I never thought I would laugh so hard, as well as the people around me and yet, if anyone would have told me Adam Sandler could be so amazing, dramatic, and on some moments, astounding, funny I knew but this – OHMYGOSH I WANT THIS movie, but for that film the whole theatre laughed together, LOVED this movie together.  I am proud for Sandler and Barrymore taking the chance on such an amazing movie, while causing everyone to leave “belly sore” after.

There are so many amazing moments that – to be honest, this was the most unexpected good film I saw that was one of the best comedies that mixes itself with so many good aspects too, I got super lucky with being a member in this theatre!

Finally, things are taking shape with a complete makeover at my apartment, and overall, there are so many amazing opportunities that have presented themselves to me in the last few days – so I am lucky tone surrounded by amazing friends that help you get in the spirit of the World Cup, as well as realizing how lucky we all are to have so many memories down the road thanks to amazing events that occur now – 🙂



About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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