Retro blogging and smiling

As I cleaned off the dining room table of receipts that represented past weeks and months of experiences, sifting through receipts, thank you’s birthday cards and more, I realized, there are are some crucial items that I needed to recognize and I felt incomplete unless I gave the due time to experiences that I fee others need to know about.  So the next few posts over the next week or so will be catching up on this information, updating this blog with restaurants frequented, places and activities for children, as well as highlights of various pieces of information that change peoples’ lives.

One such piece is Pelagic Life.  Ages ago I received stickers that stated, “Yo No Como Cazon    Pelagic Life” and was told that former alumni of ASF helped create this idea.  I went to Pelagic Life’s site and even more, after exploring, enjoyed watching their 2013 fundraiser at the Soumaya Museum.   All the good that I witnessed in the administration and staff of the Baltimore Aquarium when I volunteered there came flooding back and I realized how amazing the world is with the wildlife that surrounds us, and also how easy it is to let this world slip by you without taking time to stop, care about the very things that are easy to miss when we create a schedule for our lives that allow us to miss such miracles as the environment that surrounds us.

I am very impressed with the Pelagic Life site and I think you will be too.  Looking through the link of “What We Do” will help bring Pelagic Life’s purpose closer to you, and I have to say is VERY refreshing to see what Mexico’s involvement is with the environment around us.  It is exciting to also be coming up on Earth Week at ASF when we return from Spring Break on the 22nd and remind ourselves how we can make a difference in the world around us.  I am interested in any of you recognize former alumni from ASF in this collection of individuals that make Pelagic Life tick.

As I begin to plan the trip I will be involved in going home on the 13th, (first Charlotte, then overnight, then to D.C. on the 14th, and then ultimately to Delaware!) I am excited to see the beach, the smell of saltwater, and the areas that become recognizable and what I have learned to call familiar).  Yes, I miss my dogs already (and I have not left yet!) – but it is nice to be among familiar as well.  Seeing my travel buddy Sandra Shannon off back to Bogota, Colombia was sad in a way, but exciting to see her begin a new adventure, and that always is eye opening if you let it be.  I am interested in trying to make the most of a overnight layover in Charlotte and see/do something that will allow me to remember that stop instead of just being a dropping off put delaying my path home!  🙂

Tomorrow, we head to the Basilica with the Slippery Rock student teachers and with it being a half day, tomorrow looks to be a relaxing and good afternoon filled with SRU spirit and photographic memories and yes, around it all is that sense that Spring Break is finally here!  🙂



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  1. skw1234 says:

    Thanks Harry! Have a great trip.

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