Backlogged but NOT short on exciting details!

Is it me, or does it seem as fast as you run, it gets harder and harder to keep up?  Hmmm, hopefully not just me but I am willing to fight the good fight – and try to catch up!  This current week has shown us many faces, the library is finally transforming with new bookshelves and a better arrangement of organization after many stumbles, obstacles, and challenges!  Additionally, so many amazing and proud moments!  We saw another Spirit Week occur, an amazing Moct look-alike 🙂


as well as being lucky enough to have a TWIN this year – IzabelaIzabela AND Ms. Shannon!  Two for two!  🙂


Twins in the office?


It was GREAT!!!!!!  On top of that she interviewed a local hero – basketball coach and writer Adi Alsaid, who has written a YA book titled, Somewhere Over the Sun.  Currently, our Repentino. staff is canvassing local and national individuals and interviewing individuals from all artistic walks of life preparing for a new Repentino. magazine layout combining art experiences, as well as all the traditional and non traditional forms of art.     Speaking of contribution, TODAY, and amazing staff member (one of MANY) – Daniela, is having her edited video that she put together on the K-12 Online Conference!  (Scroll down until you see my name)   My name is there – but believe me, Daniela is the star responsible for this video – she is one on many amazing stars on the Repentino. Staff!  Please check out her video and leave a comment about the experience of how Repentino has brought so many talents together!

So talent, we have had tons, from the students all over creating events like the Halloween Candy Grams

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.19.34 AMto raise funds, working the soccer concessions thanks to the Bear Boosters for the past three-four weekends, Mr. Holderman bringing students together making posters and celebrating the sports at ASF, to Jason Schell!

Lets talk Schell! Jason Schell, and his mural in the Salto de Agua metro station, named “Trabajadores.” It is located at the entrance of Arcos de Belén and Dr. Valenzuela. It is a permanent exposition, so you are welcome to visit it any time. We were lucky to be a part of him premiering his artistic paintings at the metro and then having an awesome group of people…

schells posse…coming together to share this, are we lucky enough to be surrounded by artistic individuals or WHAT?  His premiere was great, and so was the fact that we were able to get together and share his success, way to go Jason!

WOW!  Did you realize that NANO (or NANOWRIMO) is approaching?  If you are age 98, or 8, we hope you will become a part of an international effort to put your first amazing piece of writing (or second, third, or fourth!) to writing ad come up with some support across the world for NANO (National Novel Writing Month) starting November 1st!  It will be exciting if we can can a record number of people checking in here periodically on a page I’ll make, just for Nano info, notes, comments, etc.  Would you be willing to do that?  I’d love to get all of my friends, family, and even those I do not know involved!  I realize how easy it is to slip past a few days and not write about events, but then realize even more how important it is to have those moments to record the days that seems important and HATE to lose them amid the rush of so many other events that happen every day, Nano is your chance to get it all down in a collection, the way YOU see it and want it to remain in your memory!

There are many more accomplishments, from Casandra’s amazing pamphlet she created for Repentino., to interviews with Mr. Trias on his travels abroad representing ceramics, to checking out the amazing exhibit with Ms. Patterson in the Fine Arts Center, then let’s talk about the TRI-Association Conference, hmmmm, okay, next post!  Stay tuned for updates and more updates on what has been great the last few weeks as we roll into a Homecoming Weekend!


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