Given a voice, students can sing to adulthood…

I love the keynote speech given by Shannon McClintock, teacher, librarian, and Media Specialist, on the first day of the K-12 Pre-conference Key Note – and so excited to hear her amazing points just coming off the Tri-Association Conference we hosted here at ASF!  What is even more exciting is the details behind this post I made,

“Want to see what librarians, among others, can do to give students a voice? Check out Technology Specialist, Librarian, and Teacher Shannon Miller’s key note speech kicking off the opening K12 pre Conference video, where our own Repentino. students are a part of on Thursday, October 24th’s) morning here to see!     ”

Seeing a elementary student, Meredin, who started showing others how to do a blog, transposes to Daniela, one of our own students, whose video is featured on this Thursday’s Video Conference Day,  (October 24th) so please check it out, we are so proud of her! – (My name, but Daniela is the brain behind this video on Thursday)Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 3.07.38 AM

Skip to the students Casandra, Fiona, So Yeon, Lucia, Alice, and many more taking the initiative, and creating awesome PR material, slideshows, interviews, videos, and more that do much more from Repentino., yes a magazine at first, representing ASF, then artists all around the world, then ultimately a social movement that will allow our ASF students to reach into social issues around the world, through artistic expression.  EXCITING!  What Shannon did in her keynote reaching and asking students what THEY want to get from THEIR own education, then implementing these suggestions to students is another example of what we can do daily to activate our students to a higher level.  Just so happens Shannon, as the librarian, shows what a librarian really does, excited, creates, and motivates!

On this day where our ASF went to visit the Dalai Lama, (even though Mexico’s President balked under controversy), be assured, while it has been a long time since I have posted, there has been so many events worth mentioning that I will trace, reflect on, leading you back to the last post dropoff, which was the new student retreat! (SO much has happened in the in between).  At the same time, you will definitely want to check out the new books on the scene (as well as stop by the ASF Wednesday coffee event (7:00 AM – 1:00 PM) to see our new items in the library, and grab a speciality drink, complimentary of the library! – as well as my blog on amazing awesome books and reviews – and a renewal of visits to amazing new restaurants in the area (updated by the end of the week).

So much to cover, so much worth reflecting on, and where is the time?  It is ironic that the time I find to catch up, is when I am in bed recovering from some strange stomach craziness, but excitement in what my students have been achieving trumps sickness any day…get ready for some amazing posts covering some amazing individuals, accomplishing amazing feats!

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