Ending May in style…

Whew.   I have hear that sign and sign of exhaustion in the halls and doorways of many of the teachers lately, including from me.  Most if it being utter exhaustion from the work that narrows down to being the end of the school year 2013, yet, there is more, the emotions that go with these experiences.

A ceremony I heard about, but knew nothing about, the ASF Capping ceremony,

grad class 2013 asfperhaps will be one of the most memorable of all events.  I loved every aspect, from the sit down luncheon, to the ceremony where teachers were asked to cap a student that ultimately asked them, as teacher to cap them.  It was a complete HONOR to be asked and I will remember this moment with Camila forever.  There of course with Mr Lemmon singing, which certainly will add that memorable touch!  KUDOS!

HugLOVED it, as well as the generational picture and the book she gave me from Edgar Allen Poe, now I just need her to sign it.  Mr Cheney, Mr Hamilton, and myself gave her some texts from Jonathan Lethem,  with messages written in them, and a hug that I will remember forever.

It was only a year where Repentino. started churning out the pages…amazing how far we came!  Sitting at graduation practice, as well as this whole past week has brought the experiences that have occurred in the last year full front and focus.  Seeing Alina

Alinaback from school to see her brother’s graduation also was just, well, hard to put into words.  Then add thew 30+ students interested in joining Repentino. next year, I have to say the emotions of my “well” are almost dry…  🙂  Emotional, exciting, and closing out a 2012-2013 school year where I know I am supposed to be, it has been one heck of a year to say the least.

I’d post the poems I wrote to the departing staff, and the note, but I can’t, that is between me and them as they go forward and show what they have, and a piece of my heart and soul goes with them.  Mwah!  Good luck today at graduation and I hope each of you ASF seniors can bottle this excitement for the days when you need them!  I am proud of you!


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