Looking forward to…

…graduating. Summer.  Exploring the hills and countryside known as Mexico.  Writing and publishing, new endeavors.  These are just a few of what the upcoming weeks will bring and are bringing.

Graduating.  It is bitter sweet to know a few more of the remaining Seaford seniors I knew and had contact with on various adventures will be making that march across the stage.  I am so very proud of them for enduring trials, hardships, and staying the course.  They are certainly most deserving of the rewards of hard work and perseverance they have put forth on this day.  It seems a world away that I was a part of their world, and I am lucky to have been able to share their experiences as they travelled a road less travelled for them, as they separated themselves from the easy way out, to a life of one worth struggling, learning, and working through.

In moving onto the seniors at ASF, I want to say this has also been more bittersweet than I expected.  Within two years, I developed a fondness I had no idea that would develop. I was amazed at how quickly I would fall into a fascination with talents and abilities they carried with them.  The seniors I became attached to this year and the beginning of last year when I arrived certainly took me by surprise, yet, it drew me into a totally different world as I knew it, and they became a part of it.  I am so excited to see them officially pronounce this on June 1st across a metaphorical stage that will become their future.  If they stay connected to the roots and foundations that allowed them to make it this far, they will carry a portion of the world on their shoulders and so quite well. When I hear this music, I certainly think of the bright things that await them.  I laugh every time I see this in the hall that will soon not exist – to make way for a new arts wing!


Death of old ways?  Death of the old styles of procrastination?  Death to falling into the trap of doing the sam old thing, making way for new doors, new opportunities?  🙂

The experience from the states to Mexico certainly has opened up all new doors to my life and will continue to do so, it is certainly with bittersweet reactions and feelings I begin to let people go that have become a part of this process.

Parque Mexico.

Waking up to mornings now have become also a new experience.  As responsibilities begin to drop from my life, and I begin to usher room for experiencing the moments that add to every day, I become more and more excited of how I will also transform with more time to reflect on these moments and what will come out of them.  Examples I am sure are needed.  Each morning I wake up to these IMG_4904two beauties reminding me how lucky I am to have been given a chance to take everything in.  Their names have become IMG_4907Wriggly and Amaya, and what a last couple of months it has been with them.  Certainly it has been challenging, but yet, these memories I have of them will never disappear…:)  Add onto that the adventures that go on in Mexico all around us, take for example last weekend.  My first foray into getting back to running in Chapultepec, and I walked away a little sore, yet realizing, it is coming back to me that ability to gain my breathing and control over my stride, pace, etc. Also last Sunday, in Parque Mexico, a group called ArboMex set up booths of food,Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.29.50 AM

and if you stayed long enough, you witnessed dancing

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.29.59 AMand music representing almost every part of Mexico.  The music obviously was amazing, and the food made was also just as amazing. Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.29.37 AM  This was a Sunday that, despite the emerging heat, Kinah managed to enjoy 100%.


The yesterday, amazing of amazings, Liz O’ Connor, who studies at Flasco, invited me along on a planned run at Parque Tlalpan.  We parked within the parking lot of Flasco, then walked, walked, and WHOA!  SIX FLAGS of Mexico!  🙂  And then just a stretch beyond, down stairs you can’t see unless you look behind the Six Flags fence, a hidden trail that lead to am amazing trail of runners!  A cross country trail!  It was AMAZING! Literally, tons of runners, tons of hills (groaning from my legs) and tons of trails, this was a revelation.  VERY AWESOME indeed.  🙂  Needless to say, I ran further than I have since my time here in Mexico thanks to the hills, yet, I walked away feeling overall AMAZING and felt I could be on my way back to running and running much better than I ever have.  🙂


Speaking of writing and publishing earlier, my dear friend Karen that has helped so many people out in the past has become involved in VERY worthwhile investment, if you find yourself able to commit a small part of your income to helping others.  I am doing so next week.  This version of Youth Voices, allowing students to find their voices over the summer, will be one of many adventures that helps students find their chance to become more aware of what they think and have to say.  Please take a moment and spare a chance t be a part of this opportunity for them, you will not regret following and supporting this venture.  Taking place in CUNY, students truly explore areas they never would be motivated or encouraged to examine normally.


I am remembering a past post I never elaborated on and still think is remarkable. A student came into the library, one of my homeroom and advisory advisees, asking what I had/know about Tesla.  To be honest, I had no idea.  Then I realized, that Nikola Tesla was often overshadowed by Thomas Edison, I truly had no idea.  I was taken with this conversation as this was a conversation I did not expect I would ever have with my advisee, and was impressed beyond belief.  Turns out we indeed had a biography on Nikola Tesla which I loaned out and he told me I had homework to find out more about him…:)  lol  In addition, a teacher just happening to be standing by, had a book on this individual and CAME BACK to lend the book and donate the book to us. Obviously the student, was shocked someone would do that for him and it shocked me in how it all worked out.  So not only did I learn something new, we also acquired new info for this student as well as adding to the collection, just an amazing chain of events, lol.


You have to take a look at this…

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 7.50.10 AM

10, 388 views of my blog, this jumped from just under 9000 last month to 10, 388 already – I am like, staggering amazed, HOLY WOW.  :0  I just hope I can keep supplying info that everyone finds interesting, but a huge thank you for making this endeavor possible.

Overall, this is just a small portion of what has been emerging, let alone new applications flooding in for Repentino., the advent of a fresh and exciting summer of adventure, and I am super psyched about going to Rio for Rock in Rio September 13th, I think this will be one of many adventures coming up in the next few weeks…:)

Hre’s to a relaxing and bright Sunday and many more to come!


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