Mile markers…

I am a numbers person, but I dislike Math, long story about a teacher who gave us hall passes all the time in Middle School and…but okay get this…

721 more views on my blog before I reach the big 10, 000 mark.  I am very honored to have that many, in just 2 years time, of NEVER doing a blog, and BAM!  Whoa!  I am hooked!  Here is another stat – 7 more views to meet the highest view this year, which occurred in January, and this is only March.

The only problem with this is – after March, um, I think there might be a slight letdown, so I might have to use more puppy pictures…:)

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 5.02.58 PMIn very sad news I realized Chinua Achebe passed away.  Some of you might not know who Mr. Achebe was, and neither did I in my Master’s at Slippery Rock.  Then I discovered this awesome class of World Lit, and I was HOOKED, I mean hook, line, and sinker, on World Lit, Multiculturalism, all things involving the other views, than the common Western World point of view and Chinua Achebe was one of those first authors.  A great tribute to Chinua Achebe from NPR does exist as well.

It took guts to defy the common writings people from outside Africa had written, and the said, “Hey!  This is MY country and this is the voice that my country has, not the voice other countries choose to give us!”  He was one of the most respected writer I came across and helped define a whole new world of literature that changed my reading, as well my my perception of how countries are perceived, and who they are perceived by.

To find out more, definitely check out the Shelfari look at Chinua Achebe, one of the finest writers that impacted issues of Multiculturalism, maybe next to Edward Said.


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