Friday – Introduced to the Broadway last day of CSPA, FRIDAY

ay, so we are done at 12:30 today, so how’s this..we meet in front of the Lerner Auditorium at 12:45 latest today.

we eat lunch together…until 1:30ish or something, nothing fancy,extravagant, etc.

then random places around Columbia and meet in front of 29 7th avenue – AT 3:15 SHARP then to see Ms Reiner (We are seeing Rebecca Reiner at the Broadway League) today… then to

Hardrock Cafe- option for 10:00PM Slam Poetry tonight – (need to be in line by 8:00 at LATEST) – please check in with my by 1:00 AM for all)

Saturday – we eat breakfast by 10:00 AM – then head to our own plans of the day – IF I can get 3 people to help me with 911 for 3 hours, this would be something I could use help with, we’d be done by noon, and we meet somewhere for our last dinner together in New York, in by midnight Saturday, check in.

Sunday – we are off, some of us will be leaving too early to eat breakfast together, so dinner Saturday will ned to be the call of the day?

DON’T forget to get your bags in my room – 308, and check out with your keys, and we will make sure to check into new rooms – problem, we have 7 girls, and 3 private rooms that easily can fit 2 per bed, we need one room, three girls…(I am sorry!) I tried to get another room, but none opened up and all are taken….) but good news,it is only for 2 night 🙂 Sorry! This was the closest we could come to everyone being out together!

Please check in with me at Lerner Auditorium today, before going here and there, and then we meet back here at 12:45 latest to go to lunch…






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2 Responses to Friday – Introduced to the Broadway last day of CSPA, FRIDAY

  1. Patricia Clark says:

    I dont see any chronicle from yesterday? how was fancy dinner? how was mama mia? and how was meeting the cast?

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