Surprises that touch the heart…

Okay, so being one of my last posts before I head on the road, I decided to come into school quickly, my heart can’t take seeing too many people without making me stay another day – and seeing Mrs Moore, Mr Bleile, Mrs Cox-Cannon, The Sigai’s, Shawna, Tammy, and Erin, all almost made me stay the whole time….so this picture is one of many I carry with me to Mexico…

sigais erin and tamI realized I can be ready to go back and forth yet it is much harder to see people I feel so much for, and that takes time to get used to yet I miss these people sooo much, it hurts sometimes, and yes, (it is important to keep those ties together no matter what happens…”)   Staying at the Betts’ house  Betts house last stay 2013the last day, the house itself oozes into your skin the comfortableness and “welcomeness” that the Betts themselves have, and this makes it even harder to leave, but oh so bittersweet to return…  Christmas has come in so many ways that do not involve presents, even after the 2012 year this year, I have nothing but to be more than thankful for family and friends, the best gifts of all!  I miss so many people and I am rich beyond belief for the friends I have in so many places!


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3 Responses to Surprises that touch the heart…

  1. so nice to see you…….:(

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