“To be or not to be?”…laughing in the Zocolo?

A night beneath the starry landscape, and yes, I had to pinch myself, I was in the Zocolo watching Hamlet from the touring group from La Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, my first play in Mexico.  The energy, laughter, and whole set, from the stage to whole set only added to the energy that seeped from this play.

Hamlet Preview 1

Hamlet Preview 2

Hamlet Preview 3

The mimicking of the Globe theatre was PERFECT, from the groundlings to way up top, this play exceed expectations in so many ways – being there with friends further intensified the feel of being relocated into something unusual and exciting.  Often splitting the stage in half, actors brilliantly utilized the full space on stage allotted for a maximum effect.

Add this to the past events of the lst two weeks, winning Twin Week, moustaching the day in the size of Texas, “Bearing” the outfit, spooning out the ice cream, the blog for the last two weeks, has been, WOW – it will be worth the blog, so stay tuned this week, tomorrow will be a blog to catch up on all!  🙂


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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2 Responses to “To be or not to be?”…laughing in the Zocolo?

  1. Bob says:

    Harry-I’ll have the Steeler football @Xmas for you; your turn to take possession! :). Braving a hurricane Sandi now…you know most hurricanes are named after women…nuff said…LOL. See you at Xmas! Bob.

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