There Still is Good in the World

Letter to my Repentino Staff:

Here’s the situation, I returned home tonight in disbelief. Why? This is why. There are very few people, clubs, let alone students strong enough to disprove the masses. Yet disprove the masses you did. Tonight, Thursday evening, you sold more magazines, you promoted the magazine Repentino more than I have seen anything promoted this week than anything, even 6 years of working yearbook, and you showed when crazy odds are against you, you rise to the challenge and inspire others around you to do the same. I AM SO PROUD of the accomplishments you make on a daily basis in front of everyone and and when no one is looking. We lose people along the way, that is life. Yet, you still keep the faith and diligence to keep being successful, working, hard, and others begin to see the shine that comes from you. I am SO PROUD of all of you as Repentino staff, there will be position changes over the next few days and well again that is life.

We either learn or fall by the wayside, or find out there are other directions we want to devote our effort toward, there is NOTHING wrong with any of this. As long as you take away something for yourself to grow from, then it is all worth the while. I have come to already miss each one of you even when you aren’t going anywhere, and that says so much about what each of you mean to me as the Repentino staff, I admire being able to be around each of you. ANYTIME, I mean anytime, you doubt how important to anyone else, let alone the impact you make on this life, you come see me, and I will remind each of you of the strengths you offer every single day, often things you don’t take time to recognize in yourself.

Humbly, I am honored to spend the time with a staff as you that is willing to show others, you will beat the odds. I watched this video and it emphasized the point of how powerful each of us are, without anything holding us back. This last week, I have been so proud of each of you, I can’t have children at this point and be any prouder. 🙂 After watching this video, do me one additional favor if you would, please send Mr. de la Parra an email thanking him for his trusting, believing, and energetic spirit that helped sell almost every magazine except 20, that is right, all except about 30. PLEASE send him an email of thanks for putting all he has behind Repentino. Wether you realize it or not, he has paced his time, energy, and belief in a publication that will go on to represent you even as you get out of college. So you see, there is more to turning in bylaws than just justification, it is a deeper meaning that that, it preserves a legacy each of you started. Please email him today and let him know how much you appreciate his time and belief in something to believe in too…MWAH! His email is: (PRIVATE!)and the video you need to watch is below:


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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