Initiatives and Invitations…

Whew!  Alot going on!  🙂

First, we are creating a place through The National Writing Project, titled Youth Voices, thanks to Paul Allison, where students can publish their voices!  I would invite anyone to let me know if they would due interested in being a part, and I will put under a page titled   American School Foundation and friends…of all things creative!  🙂  This is an example of a post from a student on Youth Voices – Amazing!

My life has changed dramatically in growing from the opportunities of writing, sharing, and creating opportunities for others to contribute their art and skills!  This August, will be a preview to the Novel Writing that occurs in National Writing Month in November  – but there is a Nano summer camp – to prep for the November version – check it out! –  I am a registered camper for August – so maybe we can share cabins!  🙂  I have not gone bad to the novel I wrote in November 2011 because I do not have my cord for my hard drive here – it is in DE – but when I make my journey north, I will edit it of the first time since writing it in November, and will being to post the chapters to see what you think, and looks like get ready for a novel continuation in August!

Our international magazine has been published!  We will be ready to market this first foray into all things art and international soon – we have a Twitter page, then Repentino on Facebook, progressing on a Repentino blog to be released soon,  and soon to be online version with a subscription to the magazine!  After recently being CSPA acceptedColumbia Scholastic Press Association, we will get a critique on the magazine and 2012 -2013 will be superb!

We will have Repentino representation at the Ofi Press Mexico Literary Reading this Wednesday, 7:30 PM with a few of our awesome ASF students presenting their works thanks to the Condesa literary night set up in the VFW!

Finally – educators should check out these offerings at P2PU – an amazing array of opportunities that are available for the summer – they will invigorate you!

As we are rebuilding and redefining the infrastructure of the Repentino magazine, I have to say, “The Future is so bright, I Have to Wear Shades!”

P.S.  A shout to my colleague Natalie Dorfeld who has been accepted to teach at Florida Institute of Technology!!  Woooooooooo hoooooooo! I am not sure there is a more deserving person for this, VERY excited for her!


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