Walking Tours…Coyoacan and Condesa !

The past few weeks have been definitely ramped up and exciting, tons of things which will keep this blog updated and humming, but let’s go back to the walking tours…when a tour was offered with Mr Winckers (Azteca Travel Tours)  for Condesa last week, of course I thought I knew Condesa, but I hoped to gain a newer perspective of places I would not have seen originally.  Jackpot!!  many new things came up in the first tour of Condesa,

and second -in the Coyoacan tour. Recalling from the Condesa tour, we were able to understand the clock in Parque Espanza actually held a radio for individuals that wanted to hear the news, but did not have radios, very interesting!  We were able to see the location where practicing chefs served dinner to the public (we were assured it is safe and reasonable to eat!) – as well as taking in architecture that I often hd walked past.  I didn’t realize that the one whole area of the neighborhood was an exhibit of modern architecture of Mexico.

The little things that alot of people walk past, or that often do not stop long enough to take in re possible and so see to come out thanks to the tours!  What makes this even more meaningful is that we

get to sit down and   discuss the events together with new friends!


In going back to Coyoacan, I instantly was transported back to the original tour I had when we

arrived just off the plane, but then was shown areas I did not now even existed!  The artisan’s fair,eating at a restaurant called Fondu (2 plates of crepes!) and watching

authentic Mexican football  🙂 , it was a


GREAT day, and again, ending with a meal and good friends.  A “tour” does not really touch on a day that becomes a day for spending with friends!  


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