Spring Cleaning the blog from Spring Break…

Okay, in closing out the adventures/and misadventures, of my Spring Break blog entry will do just that!  Let’s get it done!

Waking up Tuesday, April 3rd, I headed to the Public Library to get books but wait!  I did not have a DE library card!  I turned around, walked to Frederick Douglass where I was an honored guest in Mrs. Harper’s kindergarten class.  I did question and answers with them on Mexico, taught them about talking without speaking in Spanish, as well as receiving information about Pakistan and other countries they were from!  I was honored to be there!  They are hatching chicks too in their classroom, amazing!

After this I went to the Sussex County Federal Credit Union to do the “banking” thing…:)  and then just relaxed at home, something I did not usually get a chance to ever do!  🙂  No tax returns in, at all nothing and I had people to pay, alot of them, and the frustration that goes with that is – I can’t put not words at all.

Wednesday – time was flying!  It was so different being in Seaford and not a super super tight schedule!   I headed to the Seaford public Library  to do some work, then headed to  West Elementary to the Seaford Seaford Family Resource Center, in lieu of Dena King who we will be assisting with the promo BobAyuda2012 flyer.  The center is amazing, offering cooking class, to a HUGE schedule of opportunities for the Seaford community.  You NEED to check this resource out, as this is the best kept “secret” in Seaford!

Immediately following, I listen to Dr. Joseph’s town hall meeting, and was very interested in seeing a new overhaul of things to improve the image of Seaford, a VERY good start!  🙂  Excited!  It was great seeing Robin Andrus, Dena King, and overall the Seaford family.

Thursday came with a call that was amazing….DC Reagan airport called and someone had at some point taken my passport, and FM3, and my clear plastic bag that was protecting it, and the airport had retrieved it…the worst part was I thought I had left it safe and secure in my computer laptop case, and voila, no!  Okay, mental note, lost and found only open Monday thru Friday until 4:00 PM!  (This will be important later).

As if this was a sign, I woke with a headache but headed to the public library anyway to wrk on my Master’s work.  I worked it out as long as I could, then had to head home and lie down, the migraine had become too much.  I slept on and off, and then headed to stay with my friend Ms Duryea in Bethany.  Just catching the air made me realize how much I missed the beach and wow, the pictures are just as nice as the walk and breathing in the fresh air was.

The smile things are and were awesome, fresh air, collecting beach stones, tidal pools, and the tide – Bethany was missed!  I always noticed I slept so much more soundly after a day, and night, at the beach!  🙂  Although I look forward to seeing beaches in Mexico, I do not think anything will take my mind away from the beaches I would see in Delaware!

Friday – I was looking forward to a day at the beach and bumming, then I realized, no fights would get me back to school in time and allow me to pick up my passport and Fm3 since THEY ARE NOT OPEN on WEEKENDS for pickup!  Oh yes, PANIC – PANIC – literally, at throwing items in the car, timing it to get to DC Airport AT 4:00 exactly (hoping a little early), no traffic on the Bay Bridge, Mom meeting me with my things from her house on the way from Bethany, on an on, Ms Duryea saving my butt all around, and guess what – getting somewhat lost, calling the lost and found and arranging them to leave my id items with security after we arrived 5 minutes after they closed, all the impossible that could happen, and success that was made possible, I made it to my cousins in one piece, Ms. Duryea crashed (not literally, sleeping and resting wise, lol) at my cousins, and overall, I thought, and we said, citing a book would be too complicated to capture the intensity, stress, and last minute ditch this feeling that had happened. Tuckered out from the events, I DIED asleep and Saturday decided to do NOTHING except recover and mentally recover.

Saturday – This was difficult as I was leaving from BWI airport (my cousins saving the day this time) on Sunday, and leaving all the comforts of friends, family, and the environment that went with it behind – although I had gone through so many changes in the last year I felt I was getting accustomed to the shifts of change occurring around me – but thought – if I was ever to return to Delaware, imagine the perception I would have without the stress and running around I had done in my “previous life!”

I did the hot tub, did the reading, did the relax and catch up scene, and loved the sit back and relax I experienced – we headed to my Aunt and uncles, and tried to fix a ceiling fan ,), and one thing worth noting, in seeing the movies The Way and We Bought a Zoo, you will be touched by the little and simple things in life that matter most – YOU NEED TO SEE THOSE MOVIES, and I think even the film Seven Days in Utopia might be worth the watch –

Sunday – EASTER! Leaving was hard, but I realized that it would make coming back in the summer that much more worthwhile. Leaving on a Sunday was different and I realized my life has changed so much in the way I celebrate holidays, Easter, Christmas, all of it – but in the end, so many new developments have occurred in me as a person because of it.  n uneventful trip minus the plane departure being delayed 45 minutes as the crew arriving came in late, coming across customs minus my Hunger Games books and tea (GRRRRR) – but KEEPING my Girl Scout Cookies, LOL, aways an adventure always….:)  Back at home, is was hardtop realize I was back to two lonely  cats but del taken care of thanks to the Blevins’ family and Hilda, and now to reconstruct some meaning from the experiences I had…hold on, things are just beginning…  (And you thought this trip was exciting….:)


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  1. Jerry Raisley says:

    Enjoy reading your blogs Harry and hearing about how you are doing!

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