Whew.  A lot going on.  It seems, sometimes, the BEST times to make yourself stop is to get so tired you just collapse, crawl into bed, at an ungodly early hour, then when you wake up you feel the silence and calmness of the early AM, and can resume – (Not that I would know about this…) I want to recall two images that form the basis of my title, “Glimpses” – I remember about 2 weeks ago walking down the street of my apartment – in the AM to school, and seeing an older man rummaging through the dumpster.  When he knew I was walking towards him, he turned, and literally faced the dumpster not moving, not wanting me to see him.  For many reasons, this just grabbed me in the middle and hung on to my memory all morning.  In my mind, I felt this man did not want me to see his face while rummaging through the leftovers from the restaurant before, it just hit me hard.

That same day as I made my way to transfer between metro stops, I heard the same man I see almost every morning,  playing an instrument in the halls of the metro, his wife holding a baby and a basket for donations. A little girl, maybe around 10 years old with her mom, digging in her purse to bring out some food she had to give to the woman.  The little girl did not have any money to give, but that she stopped, grabbed the food she had planned on eating for breakfast, turned around, went back to give this to the woman, I think this meant more to the woman than money at that moment as I saw her smile when the little girl handed it to her.  I think these two powerful moments and images made my grumbling about things much lower on the scale of important things to worry about.


Within the last week I have visited Mrs Castro, a great all around dentistry provider, and have received a guard for my upper mouth to stop the headaches from my jaw wanting to grind all the time. It helps!  TODAY – Wednesday, I go to the X-rays and get x-rays to been the treatment of my jaw/teeth and looking at getting surgery for the deviated septum – NOT tonsils!  YEAH!  ðŸ™‚ Enough of that –


VERY exciting that we attended a literary reading at the American Legion (Alan Seeger Post II in Condesa) last Friday – Camila and Ana, my awesome members of the ASF Literary Magazine read – and they were a hit!  ðŸ™‚ The placed was packed, with even some ASF members attending!  If you want to check it out, try this link – and I am trying to find the date of the next one, I hope to get more of my lit staff to go and read!  ðŸ™‚

American Legion Website –


Speaking of the ASF Literary Magazine, we have SIX – 6 days left for submissions to the literary magazine, students, adults, photography, art, poems, short stories, if you want to submit, please do so at!  We are heading into the editing of and putting together of pieces before we head to New York City March 13th – 18th for the Spring Conference  WOW – it will exciting to put together all these pieces representing so many people!  ðŸ™‚  And meeting the architect of the 911 Memorial who attended ASF!  And meeting individuals from The United Nations!  The staff will have an amazing time, wow.  ðŸ™‚  

The Cherry Blossom Festival, Beach Planting, and planning the Battle of the Bands back in Seaford, DE is not an easy gig but rewarding to see PAVE in Seaford, DE put a final push of volunteerism and doing some pretty cool events,  ðŸ™‚  I can’t help but thinking this might be our last year of PAVE at SHS as the remaining staff and members are the last of the memories we had of the things we did, but you never know…:)  (Fingers crossed)  This week at SHS there is a benefit thanks to Tyler Meding, that benefits St. Jude’s and this is an awesome gift from him!  ðŸ™‚  I hope it will be a blast!

I am also excited to see the happenings of the Seaford Run a Thon series again, as the Mother’s Day 5k in honor of Vince Morris and Dr Betts will occur on May 12th – check out the details at :

(Applications soon!)

I am tackling the courses one by one with Mansfield University and the Library Science and Technology courses, wow.  INTENSE!  Then there is the 21st Century NCTE Pathways Professional Development I have even working with slowly, giving me the chance to involve students in creating some cool projects.  March 27th is the National Writing Project Spring Meeting in D.C, I have made appointments to meet with the Congressmen and State Representatives of DE to discuss issues in education and show the projects of what students have done to get closer to the ideal of an international level of communication that improves education…

I am really looking forward to P2PU starting March 3rd and think this will be an exciting movement forward to involve students and educators together…:)

I hope to move forward with TracyB in the international level of curriculum and help develop an international curriculum that brings students together to increase their level of eduction and involvement in their immediate communities as well as their international ones!

Mexico is great, it is editing to see so many new individuals coming next year, but sad to see some leave that are here now!

Restaurants, ohmygosh, I need major updates in that section of the blog, and will be doing so periodically this week! I think it is reasonable to say by June, I will have hit 100 restaurants, but not in 100 days!

It will be exciting to touch down in New York for the Columbia Conference, and even more exciting to see my cousins and family and friends in DE over Spring Break, as well as get together my things to bring back to Mexico!  Before you know it, SUMMER!  It i hard to believe I have been here for SEVEN months already!  Partially due to the fact that the Lit mag, the restaurant goals, and just taking in as much as possible have made time FLY!  ðŸ™‚   Keep posted, I will add pictures and links to the above information, I wanted to get the base information down first…:)  I hope to had how all of you have been doing as well!  ðŸ™‚  Let’s go Spring!!!!


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