Rich Reflections….

Note: People with alot of money have the following:

Way over ego syndrome – trying to compensate for um, well, I guess having alot of money and little personality or generosity towards others.

Complain way more about things that should not matter, but matter to them.

Way more social problems thanks to the money problem.

Are actually kind of boring, after all the things that money can buy, what is left? Sugarcoating life with money well, great at first, but um, I will still to the creative out of way ideas I have invented that do not need the almighty dollar

Have really creepy conversations, or on the other side of that coin – have boring conversation that always, seem to go back to money

Are very competitive and protective of seemingly to be better than alot of others

Usually are snotty and mean to their parents

Are the essence of the song – “End of the Innocence” by Don Henley

Have no regard for those that do not compare to those that work sweat, and strain under the burden of living from paycheck to paycheck

Now, here is the good news, not everyone fits this mold, (whew!) – I tend to like the people that do have money, but do not flaunt it, do not act as if they have alot of money – there are SOME that are like this, and still are generous in spirit and action, but they are in the minority…

The funny thing? I noticed and thought of this walking through the park tonight, and seeing a few people in the flashy cars, burning rubber at a stoplight, singing a little too loud as if they were Casanova, and realized…

“God, thank you for not giving me alot of money and when you did, thank you for letting me share it, not taking for granted the fact that there is not enough to go around to everyone, that showing it should be shared, the more you give the richer you are without a raising bank account, and thank you for letting me walk tonight and let me realize how valuable things are without money clouding them.” Funny how deep thoughts come an go….and all about money, lol….


About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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