Christmas – the Day After!

Hola!  I am sorry I have been lazing on my posts, but but by now I hope everyone has caught up with reading!  🙂  Merry Belated Christmas!  And a Happy New Year to come!  Okay, here is the fastest update you will ever see, but it will keep you updated!  🙂


Christmas was great – I mean, I was here, and did not hang out with anyone, but some realizations – not being around alot of materialistic things, and motivations, and seeing children, families, and others that really just were happy to have something to eat – I needed a holiday like this to realize how grateful I was for the family I have.  The gifts I received from my Secret Santa were amazing, authentic portraits glazed from her studio, an airplane made out of tin, the licorice from Australia, the gift I received that represented Mexican handicrafts, and I can hardly wait to bring the cultural gifts that have deep meaning home, so overall, the holiday was a success for many reasons.  I mastered getting someone to come and turn on a specific internet instead of periodically as of January 8th thanks to Karen!  I am watching her awesome dog Maggie while she is away – and thanks to Karen I mastered the Eco Bici program, and I love riding bikes all over the D.F!

I am tutoring two kids in the Spring for 1 month, which will pay for me rent for one month and will give me extra too!

I am catching up on all my bills, thanks to Mrs Duryea, Sandra, Mrs. Vaughn, Brissa, Mom, and others, the “Dream team” I will be saving alot of money per month too!

I am finally finishing my 2nd Master’s in Library Science, so this will put me at 2 Master’s Plus 13 credits after Fall 2012!  Yeah!   


I am teaching in various classes periodically to keep my teaching experience current.


I am chaperoning the MUN trip to Dublin in April.


I hopefully plan to come back and work the Blades Summer Instructional class over the summer, and looking for a summer place to rent.


Dewey is growing very large!


I am getting my braces and teeth finally finished!  🙂   


New restaurants, Chopperia and VIPS!  🙂  ALSO, Karma Bagel, I will be writing reviews for these soon!


FInished Book one – Game of Thrones, awesome, working on the remaining three books before break is over, my George R .R.  Martin, they are good!


Finished Hunger Games, loved them!

There is more I am sure, but my main goals are by summer, have money saved in the bank, help Mom with getting her ahead in the next year, being ahead of my education so I can do multiple tasks and have choices with jobs, be more international qualified….these are some early New Year’s resolutions!  🙂  


I took some great pictures of Mexico in Christmas time and will be forwarding those over!  🙂 


I miss all of you! 🙂


Harry B



About Harry Brake

Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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