So much has happened – and well, I still ned to go back to the NCTE posts and explain what happened at convention. That is like being at camp, and you can’t put into words the whole experience…I will try to do over the next few days…the words I heard, people I met, and things I shared and gained take me above what a teacher could possibly do and turn people into educators!

Before the weekend, I had an amazing teleconference with 10 people at the same time, on Teachers Teaching Teachers! Check it out!

This weekend, quite awesome. Friday, I came home relatively early, LOVED THAT! Went to Pasta i Basta , (see the restaurant page review!) – I loved it! The owners came out talking to me as we had previous conversation on facebook, and they were worth the visit just to visit! I like places because of more than them trying to be more fancy and above the bar than someone else, and when it comes to people people, :), winner! Great place, great food, and they defy that fast food can’t be healthy and good!
After that, I went to Starbuck’s, and began to get some actual reading done! I DID! I mean, I had alot done! One thing I did notice, I always, always, ALWAYS lately anyway, have had a drop dead, good looking lady come by and sit near me while at Starbucks! I have to say, it motivated me to get alot done, wow! I am not saying that because it as me they sat down there, trust me, they didn’t know I was there unless I made a move to place my things aside, and well, to be honest….I am not at the stage where I can breathe normal let alone tell them I love them in Spanish…LOL….I love Starbucks for the academic atmosphere, there were so many people that had books and resources out and were working on academic things, it was cool to see. Sure the Condessa and hip style/stereotype do stick, and there were plenty there that reinforced that, but overall academic won over trendy tonight!

It was peaceful just to wander back and relax, yes, relax and well I love Friday nights and single…strange maybe but I enjoy seeing and enjoying at my pace! I took Dewey to the park in Condessa and chilled and think she loved the fresh air too…:)

Saturday – slept in! (My version was 8:00 AM but was awesome!)
I decided, I want to see Libreria del Fondo Rosario Castellanos, and wow. I want to speak Spanish, then read it ASAP to take in all these books in Spanish! This place used to be a former movie theatre, and the children’s reading (and the reader could SING!) and just the overall AWESOME feel of the place, I loved it.

After that, I made my way to the metro, to San Angel, where I walked from the Metro stop and found Diego Rivera’s house/Frido Kahlo’s and now museum. There is something about seeing items that belong to people contained a mystery, a beauty, yet a mysteriousness about them. This was such a place, I loved taking my time and seeing it all at my own pace…It is free with a teacher id, and I paid 30 pesos to take pictures hoping it would help the museum. I also took pictures of the San Angel Inn across the street, it reminded me of a restaurant called Tara, in Ohio! While in San Angel, I happened across the shops we had been to when I first arrived, the restaurant, Sabado Bazaar, and a wedding! It was picture perfect! I took some great pictures, and headed to the Metro finally…:)

On the way back, I stopped at Sumesa, and bought some blackberries, a sandwich, and mineral water with lemon for the walk back to the Metro. It quenched my thirst! I ran into an art museum on Revolucion I want to see next time, and then boarded and decided to go to the school in Observatio, where I processed my application form for a Scholarship to finish my Master’s at Mansfield! (Fingers crossed) I got back on headed home, and realized how tired I was! 🙂 I slept the rest of the night!

Sunday! – I washed my own clothes, tons of shirts, socks for 2 weeks! YEAH! 🙂 Updated and finished a wiki project for P2PU – check out the wiki our groups made for educators!

I then hurried up, travelled to Freedom Bar/Restaurant for The Steelers versus the Bengals! YEAH! I love being among other Steeler fans, and wow, awesome awesome game! We dominated! Loved seeing Steelers, it has been awhile! 🙂 Next, the BROWNS! 🙂 And we are first in our division! 🙂 WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! While there I was able to also catch up on my Spanish notes, that was GREAT!

Came home, checked out the World Trade Center on the way back, took some pics, checked on my laundry I left like 2 1/2 weeks ago but it was closed! –
Maybe Monday! 🙂

I still need to…..1)Update my bog from NCTE, work on that this week.
2)Work on NCTE 21st Century Learners PD on site!
3)organize my table in the living room
4)Celebrate that one of my Seaford co workers is coming to MEXICO next year! 🙂 YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
5)Get ready for Secret Santa in the Library!
6)Prepare for our meeting after school tomorrow for Lit Mag!
7)follow up with detentions for fine owers at ASF 😦

Make it the best Monday possible! 🙂

P.S What is the Harry Film Festival at ASF? Who is Harry, besides me? He has got to be good looking to have a film festival named after him? Should I claim I know what that is when alot of students keep asking me about it? 🙂 Maybe it will bring some people? Really? I have never heard of a Harry Film Festival, but I like it…..:)


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