I believe….an experiment

After a great weekend, and reading the first “This I Believe” book, I decided to do my own. If you don’t like long blogs, you might want to shelve this one. I was motivated by the Steeler victory check out my contribution to a wonderful win today and being in first place of their division. But before we get to the Steelers who I value in this order:

toilet paper

Let’s look at a few personal This I believe’s I came up with:

I believe that life is too short for all things to be realized.

I believe the best parts of the week are Mondays – they challenge you to be your best on the lest unexpected days

I believe it is better to have more unanswered questions that answers to your life

I believe it is better to be single and hold no regrets, than married and have many

I believe the perfect marriages that exists are due to the willing of two people to sacrifice, and not one.

I believe money exists to be a test of true characters

I believe that people that have an attitude, have no personality worthy of notice

I believe money is the root of all evil, whether you need it or not

I believe dating many people is not the best philosophy for all people

I believe animals are the harbingers of people’s personality

I believe the more I have to suffer, the more I will learn

I believe the best classes, the best courses, the best education, and the best jobs are those that cost nothing, earn nothing monetarily, and intrinsically pay off the most

I believe looking down on another is also looking down on yourself

I believe being a friend is something you can’t define

I believe putting yourself last is not negative, and these actions will place yourself first naturally

I believe that tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery, are not negative, but do not make someone better looking

I believe the the beauty that exists without makeup

I believe in holding doors and placing coats on rain puddles

I believe in never sacrificing my beliefs for the sake of not being single

I believe money is one of many tools to help others

I believe education should not be earned for grades, points, credit, or certificates, it should be earned for intrinsic reasons

I believe that peanut butter and chocolate should be made a national food

I believe that free public internet should be provided in public places

I believe that women are more powerful than society allows them to be

I believe that running is a religion

I believe that your body is a sanctuary

I believe that a woman, with the right smile, personality, and perfume can make a life-lomg memory

I believe faith, pets, and friends have the ability to heal as much as medicine

I believe old age comes with inner happiness and selflessness to others

I believe less in others and more in myself

I believe technology is a tool, education is a staple

I believe the Steelers are the lifeblood of many attributes of generosity,selflessness, and kindness and example getting your hands-dirty and giving 100% of yourself in many ways – here are many reasons why-

The Steelers were the first team to demonstrate equality, believing in starting the first African American quarterback.

Being the first team to have the first wide receiver receive the Super Bowl MVP.

Being owner and recipient of the Immaculate Reception.

Being the oldest team in the AFC.

There is a reason Joe Paterno turned down the coaching job of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chuck Knoll accepted.

That 1969-2006 the Steelers only had two coaches.

On of the biggest mistakes was cutting Johnny Unitas in 1969, but then we did have Terry Bradshaw…:)

Loving that the Steelers were the first team to have professional cheerleaders.

Being the first team in history to win more than two superbowls.

There was a reason Al Bundy was released in 1969 from the Steelers.

There is a reason the Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Superbowls.

There is a reason the Steelers are the only team that has the logo on one side of their helmet.

Being able to compliment another team when the Steelers fall short, and yet, loving them more than the other team.

Not hearing the Steelers complimented from other teams and realizing, Yes, am part of the Steeler nation.

I believe teachers impact every aspect of life and are not given enough credit

I believe state tests are a weakness to come up with a better education system

I believe should laugh at I told you so’s and use them to improve

I believe nontraditional approaches are the best

I believe in standing out in the crowd, quietly and loudly

Three generations of Rooneys show the power of keeping a team family, ignoring money as a factor, and facing issues players might have and trying to work through it, not hide them under a rug (sorry Joe Paterno).

For the above reasons, and from watching the Steelers in my grandparents as a child, and being driven to the funeral of Art Rooney’s wife and seeing the team in paying tribute, and knowing, there is a trace of lineage in my blood of Rooney’s, no matter how slight, I believe in the Steelers above any other team, despite good or bad.

Throw your excuses at me, once a Steelers, once a native of Pittsburgh, it is always in your blood, this I believe about the Steelers.

I believe in believing. 🙂


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Employee of Woodbridge High School, Library Media Specialist, Media crazy! :)
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